Spro Passion Long Term Review


The Spro Passion series has now been on the market for some time. It is a very solid spinning reel for a reasonable price of almost 40 to 60 € depending on the reel size.  So the reel is also suitable for the small purse but still not hiding from much more expensive reels. Because in its price range the Spro Passion is a real test winner which was also confirmed by trade magazines (e.g. fishing week “very good”). The reel is mainly designed as a spinning reel, but can of course also be used for other fishing methods.

The Passion reels are very clean and can be used for braided lines without hesitation. Of course the reel is also suitable for monofilament lines.

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The brake

The brake of the reel works absolutely jerk-free and starts smoothly when pulling. With many cheaper reels, the brakes jerk, which can quickly lead to fish loss if the reel goes into the brake. In addition, the brake can be adjusted very finely and the brake knob is easily accessible.

Technical data and equipment

The reel has 6 + 1 ball bearings and runs very smoothly, which makes it easier to crank than many a reel twice as expensive.  Standard on most rollers is the infinite backstop. This can be switched on and off and does not allow the crank to be turned backwards.  The bungee bar looks quite bulky and is also very stable but still light, because it is coated with titanium.  The line roller is also very stable and does its good and quiet work unnoticed.  The transmission ratio is 5.0:1, on some models also a little faster with 5.1:1. The line reel is different depending on the reel but always sufficient.  A practical cord clip can be found on every model, which does not damage the cord.  The Spro Passion is available as FD version with a rear brake and as version with a front brake. A Spro Passion Baitrunner with freewheel is not yet available.

The reel body is made of plastic and the spool of aluminium. But I don’t see any disadvantage in the plastic, because it can’t rust, is much lighter and here a higher quality and stronger one was used. A Penn Slammer or Spinfisher might be more stable but these are not reels that I want to carry around with me or even fish all day long due to the high weight. Nothing stands in the way of using this reel in salt water. The Passion even takes full baths in salt water, just wash it off with fresh water afterwards

I didn’t treat my Spro Passion reels well but the absolute toughest use for my Spro Passion 750 was speed jigging in the Mediterranean including hours of drilling big fish. Up to 50 minutes of drills with fish that took a lot of line take everything from such a reel, but it still runs as if fresh from the factory and hasn’t gotten any. It was washed off after 2 weeks when the saltwater use was over.

Reel size and applications

Another short explanation about reel sizes: many other manufacturers call their models 1000 er reels mostly for the smallest size or 5000 er for a correspondingly larger size. At Spro a 710 reel corresponds to a 1000 reel from other manufacturers and a 750 reel to a 5000 reel etc.

My recommendation for the areas of use or fish species of the Spro Passion are the following depending on the reel size

  • Reel size: 710 light spinning fishing for perch trout or chub.
  • 720-730 medium spin fishing for zander, large trout and lake trout.
  • 740 heavier spin fishing for pike or for larger river baits for zander.
  • 750 and 755 heavy spin fishing for catfish, big pike or even for medium-sized predators.
  • The 740 reel was also often used for bait fishing with a basic assembly for eel, carp, barbel or pike.

Points of criticism

Let’s turn to the disadvantages and shortcomings of the role. In the meantime it has unfortunately become common practice among reel manufacturers to hardly grease the reels ex works. The reels run much easier in the shop when cranked and give a high-quality impression and thus tempt the customer to buy and the manufacturer has also saved money. Such a thing can be found now unfortunately with every manufacturer no matter whether it is Shimano, Daiwa or other well-known companies. With the money you save with the Spro Passion compared to more expensive models which are not better, you can easily buy some roller grease. After the first few uses, carefully screw on the roller, put some grease into the bearing and you’re done.


There is a reason when a reel series is produced unchanged for 8 years and it is very simple: the reel is hard to beat in terms of price-performance ratio. The small defects are easy to get over. So I can give a clear recommendation to buy the Spro Passion. In this price segment, only the Quantum Fire roll offers comparable rolls for the price.  The reel has also scored “very good” in various tests by trade magazines such as Angelwoche and is also often recommended in various fishing forums. Not without reason as I have found out. It doesn’t matter if you are doing spin fishing, pilking on the Baltic Sea or just sitting on the ground with your bottom and pose rod. The reel has never let me down and still cuts a good figure. The main area of use for me was spin fishing and that’s what the reel was built for. The reel is also very light and can be fished for hours without tiring with an appropriate rod.

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The Spro Passion R is an improved version at almost the same price. The reel looks very good and cranks easier than the old Passion

As of December 2017: My passion reels still do it, even the soon to be 10 years old one.

Spro Passion Around 50€ 8.6 Price-performance 9.0/10 Equipment 8.0/10 Maintenance 8.0/10 Robustness 9.5/10 Pros CheapSaltwater suitableVery Robust Cons Greasing is necessary View here at Amazon

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