Successful Start Into The Brown Trout Season


Soon it will be that time again and in most federal states the closed season of the brown trout, one of the most sought-after angling fish in Germany, will end. For me in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the start of the season falls on the first of March and is something of a holiday for me, because now it’s time to go back to the streams. This article is about tips for the start of the season on brown trout in streams and rivers. The article is clearly aimed at spinning anglers.

Table of Contents Before the start of the seasonThe spotsThe luresThe right tackleDo not forget the right gearCorrect clothing

Before the start of the season

It is worth visiting the water before the start of the season to find out about the spots and the conditions on the water. This way you know what the water level is and, above all, what the current conditions are like. Sometimes you can see a trout standing here and there and you can (hopefully still) cast it the next day.

The spots

It doesn’t always have to be a stream where the trout feel comfortable in March. Larger specimens in particular like to fill their stomachs in the rivers after the exhausting spawning season, while in nutrient-poor streams there is simply less food for the fish. So rivers, into which many streams flow, are my absolute insider tip when it comes to capital brown trout. Here the trout often stand on the edge in stronger flowing areas.

In brooks deep pools are in my opinion the best spots at the start of the season, but it is still worth fishing the spots completely to get a feeling where the fish are today.

If the stream is heavily fished I would always fish where nobody suspects the fish, for example in channelled areas with strong currents

The lures

As always you can’t go wrong with small spinners, but as the current is usually stronger at this time of the year I always have some extra heavy models with me.

In March to May the M├╝hlkoppen/Groppen spawn and are then particularly popular prey for brown trout. So Koppen imitations or small black rubber fish are absolutely top bait in clear water. I personally prefer to fish this plugs in black (runs 20-60 cm deep).

In the river, however, even besides the well-known spinners, slim little plugs catch well, which correspond to the prey fish of the trout there.

The right tackle

The right tackle for trout should of course always be adapted to the conditions (current), the bait weights and the fish to be expected.

  • Spinning rods in the range of 2-25g casting weight
  • Spinning reel size 1000-2500
  • Monofilaments with 0,15-0,22` thickness or braided ones with 0,05-0,1 mm diameter
  • If braided ones are used a leader made of monofilament or fluorocarbon line
  • Don’t forget the landing net – I prefer to use the landing net from the shore

Don’t forget the right clothes

The right equipment, as long as you don’t wear thick waders, and of course the right shoes. Especially at the beginning of March it can be very slippery on the water.

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