Target Fish


Target fish

Zander fishing Zander fishing The zander is considered one of the most popular freshwater food fish. No wonder, therefore, that it is also very popular with anglers. Before we explain in detail how best to hook a pike-perch, we first go into the general basics of the fish.
Pike fishing Pike fishing Pike fishing Among anglers the pike is considered an attractive challenge. The aggressive predatory fish can reach a body height of up to 1.50 m and a stately weight of up to over 20 kg. In addition, it is strong and, unlike other predatory fish such as the zander, does not give up so quickly.
Perch fishing Perch fishing Perch fishing General information about the perch habitat The perch is one of the freshwater fishes in Europe. A distinction is made between “real perch” and “perch-like fish”. The perch belongs to the former type. It is frugal and can therefore live in almost all domestic waters, such as rivers, lakes, brackish waters of the Baltic Sea, ponds or canals.

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