Telescopic Rods Overview Alternatives To The Push Rod


Telescopic rods are above all practical and have a small packing size. Here you can find an overview of the pros and cons of telescopic rods and especially good models.

It depends on the area of use whether a telescopic rod is not the better alternative to a push-fit rod because it is more practical. Telescopic rods consist of several parts and can easily be pushed together for transport.

Table of Contents Which type of rod is better telescopic or push-fit? Advantages and disadvantages of telescopic rodsFields of application for telescopic rodsNew developments on the rod marketNew developments on the rod marketConsider the construction and maintenanceRecommended telescopic rods an overviewGood Allround Tele RodsBalzer Neo TeleThe Cormoran Black Star Tele JetDAM Shadow TeleModern telescopic rodsBalzer Edition IM12 MinispinDaiwa Ninja- X TeleShimano Exage BXTremarella and Spirolino rodsCheap end fishing rodsPositional fishing rods

Which type of rod is better telescopic or push rod?

Again and again you read articles on the Internet where anglers are looking for a telescopic rod and most of the time they are advised against it. Telerutes have a bad reputation, especially because of the many cheap telescopic rods.

That is why this bad reputation is only partly justified, after all you can see many “old hands” at the water, who have been catching their fish with telescopic rods for decades and if I buy a very cheap rod I often have a lot of trouble.

After I have already taken many of these 10-20 € Tele rod and have found out that they usually break quickly with stronger load I am quickly from it to buy the very cheap. Who buys (too) cheap, buys just usually twice. But there are also some Tele Rods that have been in my service for years and have not caused any problems. But it is clear, that most of the time the better action rods have and can stand more.

Advantages and disadvantages of telescopic rods

I prefer telerods for simple bottom fishing. I can assemble my rod comfortably at home and have no transport problems, while my colleague is still setting up his rod and looking for small parts I already have my assembly in the water and can catch fish. But for spin fishing I clearly prefer push rods. The action, the feedback and the whole fishing feeling is so much better with a good rod. Nevertheless, I have seen anglers who have fished very successfully with rubber fish for zander and perch with their cheap tele rods. In the end it’s a matter of taste what you like more – a rod or a tele rod. The fish is less interested in what he is caught than in what he is hungry and likes what he is offered as bait.


  • Small packing size – space saving
  • Ready assembled transportable (the reel and even the assembly can stay on it)
  • very light
  • Often cheap
  • Less risk of breakage during transport (doors are the natural enemy of poles)


  • Significantly thicker
  • Action
  • Visually often not as beautiful as stock rods
  • More sensitive to overloading
  • Cheap rods break quickly
  • Casting distance

Applications for telescopic rods

There are some fishing techniques in which tele rods have proved themselves particularly well. Tele rods are especially good when long rods are required.

  • Spirolino rods for trout fishing
  • Placement rods
  • As a simple basic rod
  • Head rods up to 6 m for bait fishing
  • Wherever a small pack size is required and the transport length plays a big role (as an alternative still the rice rod >>)

New developments on the rod market

In the last few years there has been a new development in telescopic rods and modern tele-spinning rods are as good as new and you can go fishing with them for almost every native species of fish.

The only fish species where I would never think of using a telescopic rod are catfish and huchen. But for everything else there are suitable tele rods.

This is to be observed when setting up and maintaining

There are some special features when fishing with tele rods that you should be aware of. The most important thing is that when you pull apart all the rings are aligned in the same way. You should also make sure that the joints are pulled apart completely. It is also important for rod maintenance that there is no dirt between the connections. Every now and then wiping with a damp cloth prevents the rod from getting stuck and cannot be pushed together.

Chris Tip: If a Tele rod cannot be pushed together once in a while, so it sits tight, I carefully heat the area with a hot air dryer and then cool it down with cold water. After heating most rods can be pushed together again. A little bit of rinsing on the spot can also help. Rinse well afterwards and the rod is also cleaner than before. Never use brute force or tools like pliers. Rods from Teleruten can also be changed quickly and cheaply: just heat the rod ring with a lighter and it can be removed easily. Re-glueing is possible with hot glue or 2-component epoxy glue. The former has the advantage that the ring can also be removed again.

Recommended telescopic rods an overview

Some very good or price/performance rods.

Good allround tele rods

Cheap but not cheap and reliable telescopic rods that are suitable for sitting but also for occasional spin fishing there are a few models worth mentioning on the market

Balzer Neo Tele

First of all my favourite rod in the category of Balzer Neo Tele, which regularly accompanies me when I sit up too short. I have dedicated an extensive test to this rod, which you can read here >> I am satisfied with the rod and it has withstood my massive abuse (loosening hooks with rod etc.) without any problems. Many rods have given up before. The rod is available in many different lengths with different casting weights.

The Cormoran Black Star Tele Jet

The Cormoran Black Star Tele is especially recommended. This rod has a very nice design, actually it belongs to the modern telescopic rods but it is still one price class below and therefore it is placed here. The rod is available in different versions with a casting weight of 10-45g and lengths from 2,45 to 3,05 m.    The rod is nice and slim, has a noble cork grip and lies well in the hand. Braided friendly sic rings are also built in.

DAM Shadow Tele

The Shadow Tele spin is a slightly wider telescopic rod series. This rod is slightly more expensive than the Black Star Tele Jet and comes in different versions. All rods are also quite slim and have a cork grip and SIC ring inlays. So the action is medium fast on all of them. The rod series is also available as a mini version with a short handle as a travel rod or for kayaking.

Modern Telescopic Rods

In the meantime there are telescopic rods available which are in no way inferior in terms of action, design and durability. These rods are also interesting for spinning anglers, but you pay a few euros more for such a modern manufactured telescopic rod. Especially in the last few years the topic has been taken up by manufacturers such as Shimano, Daiwa and Balzer and during the development process a few rods have come out where the rod can be left at home.

Balzer Edition IM12 Minispin

One of the best telescopic rods is probably from Balzer. With the highly compressed Balzer Edition IM12 tele you will hardly notice any difference in action compared to other rods, which is reflected in the price.

Daiwa Ninja-X Tele

The Daiwa Ninja-X tele Spin can also score points in my eyes and makes a really good impression. It is quite taut and when I saw it for the first time, I thought I had a rod in front of me. In my opinion the rod is a bit better than the Balz rod in terms of price/performance. Also in general the rod belongs to the excellent Ninja-X series from Daiwa, which generally delivers very good quality.

Shimano Exage BX

Another good telerute is the Shimano Exage BX mini Tele . It comes with a noble rod transport tube and has a really small packing size and fits almost in the host bag.    The rod is unfortunately only available with a casting weight of 10-30g and in lengths from 2.1 m to 2.7 m. The smallest transport size for the 2.1 m version is 36 cm! The rod is equipped with Shimano STC rod rings that can withstand salt water and braided line. So actually a travel rod for the vacation or simply always ready in the car. Only the cork is unfortunately not as high quality as Shimano’s, as usual. Nevertheless the rod is good.

Tremarella and Spirolino rods

You can’t imagine trout lake without them. Tremarella rods with which the glass chains weights are moved through the water and animated with an extremely fine tip. Spirolino rods are used to get the light trout dough bait out of the water with the help of a spirolino and a very long leader. Therefore the rods have to be very long to cast such a long assembly well.

The Balzer company has two Tremarella rod series that are really recommendable. These are the Trota Italia series which are available from 1-6g with 3,45 m up to the 3,95 m long rod with 9-20g casting weight. The smallest rod weighs only 100g and the tip is really ultra fine.

For a little more money there is the professional tremarella rod with IM-12 blank where the smallest rod weighs just 74g. The reel seat comes from Fuji and the equipment is the same as a good rod of over 100 €.

Cheap head rods

For very little money you can get a cheap 10 € and 5m long head rod for easy fishing. Not only bait fish can be caught with this rod, even if the rods are especially suitable for it. It is also often nice for young anglers to catch their first fish with the head rod. It does not take much and the fish do not have to be big. The small anglers are usually happy about every bower or roach. Stippfishing for small fish is entertaining and fun. With a rod like the Glass Fibre Tele-Pole from DAM you are not only equipped for small fish, but also for carp and tench.

I myself have an Abu Garcia Siesta Stipprute with which I am very satisfied

Baitfish Rods

Baitfish Rods are the tool of choice when you want to offer your bait fish directly at a position, e.g. at the current edge in a pose. The pose cannot drift off and the assembly is kept in place with the long rod wherever you want it to be. The rods are mainly intended for pike and zander.

If you are looking for a cheap casting rod I can recommend the DAM Speedcast Tele casting rod. The rod weighs with 775g already very much! Good that you don’t have to have the rod in your hand all the time. The rod is the shortest here with only 5 m. You have to know if you can handle it on your own water.

The Balzer is with Tactics 7m and 50-150g casting weight is the longest rod I present here. It is a little bit cheaper than the Matze Koch rod and shines with a really good price/performance ratio. Unfortunately it is only occasionally available on Ebay.

There is a rod developed by Matze Koch, the “Ansitzstock Hecht” with 6,5 m, a casting weight of 35-115g and a weight of “only” 600g. According to experience the Matze Koch rods are all quite good. So far I have not come across any bad products in his series, but for the Matze Koch name you always pay a little more.

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