The Balzer Head Lamp With Infrared In The Long Term Review


In the middle of June I had to get a new headlamp and since I had enough of cheap headlamps, this time it should be a better one. The innovative headlamp from Balzer appealed to me immediately, because the infrared sensor allows the angler to turn the lamp on and off with a simple hand wipe. Now I have been using it for more than 5 months not only for night fishing and I would like to tell you about my experiences.

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Packaging and First Impression

The packaging is quite noble and closed with a magnet and you will find the headband and the lamp itself in addition to the AAA batteries which are included and needed for operation. You can also use the nice stable cardboard to store the lamp. But even more important than the packaging is the product and the first impression is consistently good: the plastic looks valuable and the LED is very bright. Right at the beginning I ignored the warning notice and looked into the LED. Two hours later I still easily saw the LED in front of my eyes. Never look directly into the LED, so you should consider the warning. The buttons have a good haptic and click audibly when pressed. The headlamp is connected to the headband quite fast and off you go.


The orange button turns the headlamp on and off, but first the three red lights come on. The lamp also has a red light mode. This is useful, because the fish can not perceive the light. This function is also very useful at night when searching for a thaw worm.

The second time you press the button the LED goes on and the third time the lamp goes off again. Now the exciting thing: if you press the white button, the lamp immediately goes into infrared mode when it is switched off, where you can switch it on and off by wiping your hand in front of the lamp. Even if the lamp is already on, you can activate this mode by pressing the white button. It may sound a bit complicated, but it works very simply. The biggest advantage of the lamp is that you don’t have to look for buttons or fiddle with slimy fish fingers on your head or the lamp. I have never accidentally turned the lamp on or off and the concept works well. The battery door is also quite easy to open.

Another feature that is standard these days is that the lamp can be tilted down up to 90°.

Brightness and battery life

As already mentioned, the lamp is quite bright. But the red light mode could be a bit brighter. The batteries last quite long and so far I only had to change them once. The battery life is not better or worse than most other LED head lamps with the same number of batteries. But the included batteries did not last very long.

The red light mode could be a little brighter. I still use a battery operated bicycle lamp, similar to this model.

Carrying comfort

Unfortunately the lamp is not very light and so the carrying comfort suffers a little. A further band, which goes not only around the head, but also over it, would be desirable. And so I converted my head lamp, because the bands of every other head lamp can be easily attached.


A solid head lamp with only slight defects. The infrared function works well in everyday practice and the lamp has already served me well despite bad treatment, so I can recommend it without any problems.

Balzer head lamp with infrared sensor 8.3 Price-performance 8.0/10 Features 8.5/10 Robustness 8.5/10 Pros Easy to useInovative IR functionBattery savingVery bright red light Function Cons somewhat heavyA three-part band could be in the box View here at Amazon

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