The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines


In this comparison test I present some of the best fluorocarbon lines currently available on the market. These are all lines that I have fished a lot over the last two years and have been able to get a good overview of their practical suitability.

Table of Contents That’s why fluorocarbon lines are so popularFlurocarbon is especially good for this purposeTop fluorocarbon lines in comparisonFluorocarbon as main lineFluorocarbon coated linesThe Overview all properties of FluorocarbonThe right knots for Fluorocarbon lines

That’s why Fluorocarbon lines are so popular

FC lines are less visible in the water than monofilament and therefore very popular with anglers. They can be used not only as a leader, which is also safe for pike from about 0.65 mm, but also as a main line. Even in the carp segment they are becoming increasingly popular in clear water and with careful fish. FC lines have two disadvantages: they are a bit more difficult to knot because they are smoother and they are more expensive than monofilament lines.

Fluorocarbon leaders are particularly good for most fishing techniques at the sea, as water does not penetrate the line and there is better abrasion resistance in the long run. With complicated marine rigging, there is also much less tangling, as the material is much stiffer.

Flurocarbon is particularly suitable for this

  • Strike line
  • Leader line for spinning
  • Side arm assemblies (Hegene)
  • As main line in stony and clear waters

For this purpose Fluorocarbon is not used

  • For bait fish assemblies

Top Fluorocarbon lines in comparison

Climax Berkley trilene Fireline, Stroft FC1

At first sight the Spiderwire line has a very low load capacity, but I consider this to be very honest or even understated. I have used this line a lot this year as a leader for spin fishing and can’t complain. The knot strength is also very good, as the line is relatively soft. Unfortunately the line is only available in quite few and thin diameters.

I also used a spool of Berkley line last year and used it as a leader for bottom fishing but also for spin fishing for perch, trout etc. This line is also not a problem for me and it is still easy to make knots

The Daiwa Tournament and the Shimano Ocea leader have accompanied me on numerous saltwater trips (Canary Islands, Philippines, Mediterranean) and I found both lines excellent. The latter is quite hard and I also use it for spin fishing for pike as leader.

One line I’ve used a lot lately is the Take Akashi Ultraclear. Unfortunately it is so difficult to tie knots and I’ve already lost some of the montages so I can’t really recommend it.

Chris Tip: If you use a line strength especially often as a leader, then it’s worth buying a bigger spool. 100 m of Fluorocarbon, which is meant to be the main line, will last you quite a while and Fluorocarbon does not age as fast as monofilament (PE) material.

Fluorocarbon as main line

FC lines can also be used as main line especially if softer lines are used. The Spiderwire Ultracast 100% Fluorocarbon and the Berkley Trilene are such lines, which are relatively soft and can even be knotted well.

Fluorocarbon coated lines

Fluorocarbon Coated lines are monofilament lines that are coated with Fluorocarbon. They are usually much cheaper and give good results because they are soft and abrasion resistant. But of course they are also suitable as main line. Nevertheless you will only find real Fluorocarbon lines in this test.

Overview of all Fluorocarbon properties

The following article will go into more detail about the properties and the right line strengths or load capacities for individual fish. Therefore I have already described the two best knots on

A palomar knot is well suited for connecting fishing hooks or swivels. How to tie this knot is described here >>

To connect braided main line with a fluorocarbon leader you can either use a knotless connector. In this case you knot the FC line either with an eight loop or palomar knot to the connector. Or you can use the FG knot>>, especially for spin fishing this is ideal.

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