The Most Famous Brands Of Plugs


There are many different interesting wobbler brands in the world. In this article we would like to introduce you to the most interesting of the renowned brands.

Table of contents RapalaAbu GarciaBalzerTurus UkkoWestinJacksonSalmoIllexCastaicSebileSavage GearYo ZuriMegabassLuckycraftBass ProGrandma


The inventor of the plugs was Lauri Rapala. The company was founded in Finland in 1936 and currently produces 15 000 high quality plugs per year. This year Rapala celebrates its 80th anniversary. Rapala plugs are all tested by hand for their running behaviour. Since 2000, Rapala and VMC have belonged together and of course Rapala plugs are exclusively equipped with the sharp quality hooks of VMC. The first Rapala lure was made of cork. Today the company uses modern plastic for the slightly cheaper models, as well as traditional balsa wood and abachi wood in the Countdown Magnum, Barra Magnum and Glidin Rap.

Among my favourites are the X-Rap shad for pike and the Rapala X-Rap for zander – the top plugs you can find here

Abu Garcia

Abu is not necessarily known for his plugs, but more for his multi-reels. Originally the company produced watches and precision mechanical equipment. The most famous artificial lures are the Abu Toby blinker and the Abu Spöket coastal wobbler which are among the best sea and sea trout lures. Abu still has famous wobblers like the Hi-Lo and the Tormentor in its program. The Tormentor is a shallow diving floating minnow, while the Hi-Lo has a unique adjustable metal diving blade, making it versatile and adjustable to different dive depths. Both are recommendable.


Balzer was founded by Hans Balzer in 1949 and imported and marketed international brands quite early. On Balzer’s Youtube channel you can find fishing practice, tips and product presentations. Balzer is especially known for cheap and affordable products. The wobbler program is manageable but worth mentioning with the Shirasu series and the currently popular Matze Koch wobbler collection. We also recommend for example the Matze Koch MK Monsterfish in my wobbler top 5

Turus Ukko

Turus Ukko wobblers come from the same small town as Rapala wobblers. The founder carved his own plugs with a very special shape and simply caught more capital pike than anyone else. Word got around quickly and other anglers wanted one of these catching pike plugs and so the small company was born. The plugs are handmade and excellent trolling plugs, but they are also great for ordinary spinning pike fishing, although the quality has its price and the lures are difficult to get. Since 2006 the Turus Ukko plugs have been part of the Rapala range, as the company bought the rights.


Westin is a Danish company that produces excellent plugs as well as high quality rods. Mike the Pike is such a legend and is one of the best pike plugs, which is why he is also in my top 5. Also sea trout and salmon wobblers are in my program. The Platypus plugs got their name from the platypus platypus, because the plugs remind of this animal.


Angel! Do not play. This is the slogan of the Jackson company, which specializes fully in predator fishing. The assortment is very extensive and has something to offer for every spin fisher. Numerous swimbaits, wobblers and rubber fish are in the assortment which mostly run well and catch predatory fish. Rods from Jackson are often extremely good and are mainly found in the medium price range. The Jackson Black Tip trout is my recommendation for a light spinning rod.


Salmo is a polish company that shines with innovations in plugs. Rado Zaworski, one of the two founders, invented a new foam material which allows to produce cheap wobblers with constant quality. The importance is great, because American professional anglers often discard 9 out of 10 plugs, because only one of them has the special flanked run, which promises a lot of success. Salmo still uses manual work and of course every plugs is tested for its run. The Salmo Fatso is one of the best pike plugs and the jerkbait model one of the best pike jerkbaits.  The Salmo Hornet is a wobbler that is very popular with trout anglers.

In the USA, Salmo even goes so far as to give plugs a lifetime guarantee on their run. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, this guarantee does not exist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Illex is the innovative manufacturer of extremely popular suspender plugs like the Squirrel. But also the Arnaud, Squad and Shads are some of the best there are and have made it to the best plugs for perch and zander. The wobblers are mainly made of plastic. Nevertheless the price is very high, as well as the catchability.


Castaic stands mainly for swimbaits in realistic designs, developed for hook-shy predators in clear waters. The company has been in existence since 1990 and remains true to its line of producing and developing rubber fish and rubber wobblers with a diving shovel. Especially for trolling the Swimbaits are perfect and are very popular in dams and pre-alpine lakes. Therefore, especially the larger models are offered here, which unfortunately also have a rather high price. So you can easily spend 40 € and more for a single bait.


Sebile belongs to Pure Fishing and also has some noteworthy hardbaits like wobblers in their program. Especially the Magic Swimmer has a unique shape and action. Some wobblers also remind of the Turus Ukko wobblers but are much cheaper in price.

Savage Gear

Savage Gear is represented almost worldwide and has besides rods, reels and all kinds of fishing accessories also very nice plugs in the program. Other well-known and popular artificial lures are the Real Eel, a rubber eel popular with catfish and pike anglers. Just like Castaic, Savage gear also has interesting swimbaits.

Yo Zuri

This Japan-based company has been producing plugs for over 50 years. New models are also constantly being developed. Yo-Zuri wobblers are considered to be of high quality and catch all kinds of predatory fish. Unfortunately, this also has its (high) price. Recommended plugs that catch and are tested individually. Well known models are the Crystal Minnows.


Since the late 80’s there are these artificial lures, which were first built in a garage. The lures are still handmade in Japan. Of course this has its price. Megabass also has rods for their plugs in the program. High priced but good plugs and lures.


Another noble wobbler manufacturer that has been providing excellent running predatory fish lures for years. Also here the price is quite high and you can easily pay 50 € for a wobbler. Well known is especially the Pointer, which is also available for less than 10 €. Twitchbaits of the finest which are not only caught in the USA, where the plugs come from, but also in our country the predatory fish do not leave cold.

Bass Pro

Bass Pro is one of the biggest US angling shop chains and can therefore afford its own line of high quality lures. Here the lures are also available but unfortunately much more expensive than in the USA.


Another US-American brand that has been producing handmade balsa wood wobblers since 1960. The large models here usually cost around 60-80 €. The wobblers are known for their good pike catches, whether for towing or twitching.

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