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Travel rods are not only something to travel, but also for the angler who wants to go fishing with small or “short” luggage. The advantage of these rods is above all the very short packing size, which means that the rod fits into any suitcase. Last but not least you can also take a rod with you on a family holiday.

The classic term for a travel rod is a split rod, which is split more than three times. The multiple division also has a positive effect on rod action, because the rod becomes a little stiffer, but not necessarily less sensitive. This was different a few years ago, but something has changed in the rod market. Today, even spin fishermen and fly fishermen get their money’s worth.

  • An overview of what is important for a travel rod can be found here on the page: Link to the article >>
  • The alternative to the stock rod are of course short tele rods: Here an overview >>
Table of contents Good reasons for the travel rodRecommended travel rodsCheap travel rodsDaiwa Megaforce Travel Spin – fast and cheapOverview of the models Daiwa MegaforceSpro Globetrotter – especially short overview of the models Spro GlobetrotterPenn Squadron travel rods medium priceW3 Spin from WestinMobile Stick Spin from Spro – from UL to heavy travel Spinning rods upper priceShimano Beastmaster Shore- Boat STCTravel routes for popular holiday destinationsCanary IslandsMediterranean SeaAtlantic (EU)Balearic Islands z. B. MallorcaPhilippines

Good reasons for the travel rod

Often the 3-5 part versions of a rod cost more than two-part fishing rods. But if you go on holiday and want to have a good rod with you, you can’t avoid a travel rod. Nevertheless, a good rod doesn’t have to cost much and the nice thing is that rods can also be used at home on the water. They are also more practical to store in the car or simply in a backpack on the tram. So there are many reasons to choose a travel rod.

  • You save the bulky luggage in the plane
  • In the car space-saving: simply always have a fishing rod with you
  • It is more comfortable to travel by bus and train with a fishing rod
  • You can also fish on holiday with a rod you know and choose

Recommended fishing rods

Here is an overview of particularly good fishing rods which I can recommend without hesitation. In the meantime more and more manufacturers are adding 5-piece rods to their product range, but the selection of rods is still quite small on the German market.

If you are still looking for a good spinning reel for your travel rod, then have a look at this article >>. Also recommended salt water reels are listed there.

Cheap travel rods

Travel rods are unfortunately always a little more expensive than the two-piece rods the reason is the more complex grinding of the many plug connections.    These are unfortunately also the sticking point with the very cheap travel rods. Here the pins of the plug connection have some play, which is a weak point of the rod and leads to a rod break under load. That’s why it starts at about 50 € for much less there is, as far as I know, no reasonable travel rod. All rods mentioned here are also saltwater suitable!

Daiwa Megaforce Travel Spin – Fast and cheap

I have dedicated a separate test to the Megaforce. The rod is very fast and incredibly sensitive. So fishing and drilling with it is really fun. I think the lighter versions are ideal for zander and pike, especially with rubber fish. The rod is also ideal for sea bass. There are many different versions of the rod, which cover everything except light and ultra-light spin fishing. The only drawback for me is the cork handle, which unfortunately is not for the tropics. A rod transport tube would have been nice too.

The rod is not only great on holiday, but it is also worth fishing here. My 10-40g WG and 2.4 m long rod is always with me in the car. Easy speed jigging goes great with this rod, which I have done several times in the Mediterranean. If you are looking for bigger fish, the Travel Pilk is also worth a look.

In the meantime I have been fishing the rod for almost 2.5 years and am still very satisfied with it. It has been through numerous fish and endurance tests and is still fishing at its best.

Overview of the models Daiwa Megaforce

Spro Globetrotter – especially short

The Spro Globetrotter GT Pro rod is slightly softer in MH than the Megaforce. It is a top allround spinning rod with which everything is possible. It also has a cork handle and is equipped with SIC rings. The reviews and experiences from angling forums are consistently positive. It is also really great that a reasonable rod tube is included in the delivery. If it should be a somewhat softer rod, then I would put the Globetrotter over the Megaforce. Of course it is not wobbly and also the workmanship is good and completely ok for the price. The rods have a very short transport length and are 5-6 times split. So if you are looking for an especially short rod, the Spro is probably the right one. The long versions are optimal from the shore and the shorter 2.4 m long ones are suitable for boat and shore.

There are also different versions of the Spro rod:

Overview of the models Spro Globetrotter

Penn Squadron

An extremely stable travel rod for the coarser is the Penn Squadron. It comes with a saltwater EVA handle and is relatively chunky. The only thing I have to criticize is the slightly higher weight, but the rod can take more weight. It is designed for saltwater fishing, where you can expect bigger fish.    The softer tip also makes it more comfortable for fighters and agile saltwater predators and the drop-out rate goes down. The 2.7 m long version with 20-80g casting weight should be able to handle everything from stripers to bluefish. In Germany I would most likely go for pike with this rod (rather no rubbers). I have already tested the hardly available predecessor, the Penn Slammer Stik >>

Rods in the middle price segment

In this price segment for about 100 € I present two rods which have proven themselves. One is the Mobile Stick Spin from Spro and the W3 Spin from Westin.

W3 Spin by Westin

The rod is not for small cases, because the 2.4 m model is only divided into three parts, which results in a transport length of about 85 cm. The rod is rather soft and semi-parabolic, which makes it best suited for plugs, spinners and spoons. The rod is available in different versions with casting weights from 5 grams and a length of 2.1 m. So top for trout and perch up to the 2.4 m model with a casting weight of up to 40 grams. Then there is something for everyone.

The equipment includes a cork EVA handle, LTS rings and it comes in a cloth case.

Mobile Stick Spin from Spro – from UL to heavy

The Spro rod is available in four different models and starts with a quite cheap ultra light spinning rod up to a pike rod with 80 gram casting weight. Very nice here is also the Hardcase, in which the rods are delivered. So the rods are already relatively well protected in the case. Some of the rods are 6 pieces and therefore suitable for the smallest cases and transport possibilities.

Travel Spinning Rods upper price segment

Noble rods are of course also available with travel rods and for more money you can get correspondingly higher quality rods with top features.    If you either want only the best or if you use the rod more often, for example on your home waters, then these rods are worth considering.

Shimano Beastmaster Shore-Boat STC

A very versatile travel rod is the Beastmaster Shore-Boat. You can cast surface lures from the beach or jig on the boat. The rod can be set up as a 2.4 m boat rod with a casting weight of 150-

300 g and as a 3 m spinning rod with a casting weight of 28-120 g. The backbone of the rod wants to be reached first of all, for this you need strong saltwater fish like GT and co. During the fight the rod bends up to the handle and builds up a lot of power. An absolutely noble top rod with beautiful design. The fact that a rod tube is included in the delivery is a matter of course with the price. I have also tested the rod: Link to the test >>

There is also a light version of the Beastmaster STC Twin Tip with two tips, this one has a cork grip and can be set up in 2 or 2.5 meters with a casting weight of either 7-21 or 14-40 g. The rod has a cork handle, unlike the large version. It therefore covers light and medium spin fishing well. If you want to be prepared for almost everything during your holiday, you can of course buy both versions.

In the meantime I have fished the rod extensively in three countries and am still very satisfied. I can feel bites of 10 cm fish at 50 m distance with the quite strong rod. Nevertheless, the rod is strong enough to drill even really big sea robbers up to 25 kg easily and to lead poppers of 50 to 60 grams. The rod is quite stiff and the action fast. The casting weight is actually quite accurately indicated, whereby the optimum in the long version goes from 50 to 80 grams.

Rods for popular holiday destinations

At the sea from the shore All-round fishing, spin fishing or on the ground? The all-important question is: “What do I want to do with the rod anyway?” There are also the special rods and the rods that are rather broadly set up. Allround has its limits and therefore it is often a good idea to take two rods on holiday. One thing is for sure: there are now travel rods for every purpose, from Big Game to the fine Ultralight rod, everything is available.

  • At the sea you should choose a stronger tackle. After all, you never know what’s really biting there, unlike in an occupied lake.
  • If you want to fish in home waters, you may already know what kind of rod you’re looking for. For a holiday with unknown species of fish I would choose a rod with a wide range and I would rather choose a rod that is a little too strong than too weak.

Canary Islands

From the shore Spinning is promising almost everywhere there are rocks. Here I would use a heavy spinning rod of at least 80 g casting weight. There are barracudas, garfish and partly also different jack species in casting range. The latter turn a light spinning rod into a small piece of wood! At night there are moray eels on bait fish or rags on the bottom.


The Mediterranean is home to many interesting predatory fish. Sea bass can be caught with slow plugs and squid fishing is also great fun at night. Mullet can be found all around harbours and the fish are strong fighters. For both, a light to medium spinning rod is sufficient for up to 60 g. If you want to do speed jigging you can of course go harder.

At night there are conger and moray eels on the ground – a strong rod with 80-100g casting weight is recommended. Smaller conger up to 1.2 m can be easily retrieved from the water with a ~50g spinning rod.

Atlantic Ocean (EU)

On the one hand there are sea bass in the Atlantic Ocean near France and Spain, a rod with a casting weight of about 20-50 grams and a length of ~3 meters would be recommended. But from the shore you can also fish with a strong rod in the surf. Fishing with a cast weight of up to 120g is then recommended. Cat sharks and Congers are usually to be expected.

Balearic Islands e.g. Mallorca

On the popular holiday islands you can also fish from the shore. Also here you are well advised and well positioned with a medium spinning rod.


Well the Philippines is not one of the most popular holiday destinations, but I have been there for quite a while and have fished a lot. I was there with two rods and have never regretted it. For smaller fish you simply need a lighter spinning rod. At the sea there are big fish everywhere, the one time I was on an island and only had the small rod with me I was really angry, at the latest when Wahoos came into casting range, but it would have been questionable if I could have got these fish out with the rod.

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