Catching The Dead Rod More While Spin Fishing


If you are on or near the water, you can catch more fish with a dead rod – it’s easy and can bring more fish. Because sometimes the robbers do not like our artificial baits and just want nature. In general even many big and experienced fish do not fall for artificial bait as often, but they like to take a natural bait. It is not for nothing that the dead rod is often called the joker rod. With it you always have an ace up your sleeve.

This is how you fish with the dead rod

And this is how the dead rod works: Besides spin fishing another rod is set out with natural bait, which passively with a natural bait gives us more chances to fish. No matter if from shore, from boat, kayak or belly boat – the rod is always worth a try!

Especially if you are not sure in which depth the fish are standing it can often be useful to use a dead rod and offer the natural bait in a different depth than our artificial bait runs. This way you can fish in several depths and simply fish more efficiently.

When it comes to natural lures there are no limits to your fantasy, whether you use a thaw worm in the pose or vertically with bait fish for pike. Everything can work. Sometimes you wake up the fish with the artificial bait, which then come across our natural bait and take it unsuspectingly. This works especially well on perch, which curiously follow our artificial bait, but then come across the natural bait.

It is important to have the dead rod firmly in the rod holder on the boat, otherwise you will quickly lose your rod. I also like to use lead, which does not bring hangers as fast as the Tiroler H√∂lzl. When fishing from the shore I like to open the reel bar and make sure that the line can be pulled off freely. If the current doesn’t allow me to open the reel seat, there is another way to fish for pike-perch: you put a loop of the line into a rubber that is on the handle behind the reel on the rod. The reel seat can then remain open again. Especially for intensive fishing of hot spots I still like to use the Joker rod.

When not to use the dead rod

Avoiding obstructions is the keyword when fishing with the dead rod. It is important that the whole thing doesn’t degenerate into stress – we want to have our peace when fishing and not permanently tangle up tangled lines. When the current is strong or the current and wind conditions change quickly, I do not use the dead rod. When spinning you should always carry as little baggage as possible. I then reduce the small parts for mounting the dead rod to a minimum and only take as much with me as needed.

Attention! Not everywhere it is allowed to fish another rod at the same time when spinning. The restrictions usually come from the local club and you should check if the dead rod is allowed.

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