The Hair Mounting So You Bind The Best Carp Mounting


The hair assembly is the most popular assembly for carp professionals to fish for carp. You can use it to offer baits that are not so easy to bait like boilies, hard corn or pellets. But the biggest advantage is that the fish in almost all cases will hook themselves safely and gently in the corner of the mouth together with a fixed lead mounting.

In this manual you will find two parts. First I show you how to tie a hair assembly yourself.    In the second part I will show you the easiest and best carp mounting which is based on a hair mounting. Finally I show you how to get the bait onto the hair and fix it.

Table of Contents Haarmount not only for carpHaarmount for carp this is how to do itThe inline lead mountingLaid on a hair mount this is how to do it

Haarmount not only for carp

Although the hair mount has been developed by carp anglers it is also ideal for many fish species with adapted leader and hook sizes. Even pike professionals have been using the hair rig again and again lately.    In the classic way, you can also fish for almost all kinds of pike with the hairline attachment. Whether barbel, tench, chub or grass carp (no real carp!). Also when catfish fishing with pellets, a hairmount has established itself.    Only for the very small pellets is the mounting rather unsuitable or it becomes very difficult to tie them.

Haarmonic Fitting is like this

You don’t need much to tie a Haarmonic Fitting yourself. For the leader we only need some line, whereas for carp fishing special material has proved to be very useful. Sturdy eye hooks are suitable as hooks. Not surprisingly in the photo series I use a catfish leader and a correspondingly large hook for better visibility.

First the leader material is pushed through the eye of the hook from the front. I recommend not to cut the leader material off yet, but to leave it whole. This will allow us to adjust the lengths perfectly later.

In the next step a simple loop is tied with the line that we pushed through the eye of the hook. As in the picture it can sometimes help to use your boilie needle to tie the loop.

Now we determine how long our hair should be. The best way is to lift your bait next to the loop. Normally we want to have 1.5-3 cm distance between hook bait and hook. Then we cut off our leader to 20-25 cm length if we want to fish with a self-hooking assembly. Always keep in mind that some leader material will be used up.    Now we wrap the cut end around the leg of the carp hook. 5-6 windings are enough.

Now we put one more winding upwards, which goes around the lower windings.    This secures the lower windings additionally. Then the string is pushed through the eye from the back to the front.

An eight loop secures our carp assembly at the other end. The loop can also be placed around a swivel. This can be seen in the next picture, where size 6-8 swivels have proved to be very useful.

The hair assembly is ready! With the one I photographed I have even caught some carp. With humpack hooks you can do without line aligner and other knick-knacks.

The inline lead assembly

The easiest and in my opinion best carp assembly is the very simple one with an inline lead. With this fixed lead mounting you can actually fish anytime and anywhere and do nothing wrong. More complicated carp mountings are only better than this in rare cases and very special situations.

After our leader has been bound in the first part, we continue now. The inline lead is simply threaded onto the main line with the thicker end pointing forward towards the end of the main line.

The swivel is now tied with a simple clinch knot with 5-6 turns.

Now we pull on the main string until at least half of the vertebra has disappeared in the rubber, which lies in the inline lead. The assembly is finished and now only the lure is missing.

Mount the lure on a hair mount this is how it works

In this example a 20 mm pellet is pushed on the needle. With Boilies or hard corn you do not proceed differently. Besides the bait needle and the hook bait we need Boiliestoppers.    If necessary a stable blade of grass or a stick will do the job.

With the lure needle we took the loop and pushed the lure onto the hair. Now we push the boiliestopper into the loop on the hair and sink it into the bait.

Here is the view from above.      Now only the carp is missing, but hopefully it will come soon!

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