The Texas Rig Is So Easy


The Texas Rig is one of the most popular and widespread methods of offering a rubber bait for black bass in the USA. In Germany this method is not yet so widespread but also perch, zander, trout and pike can be easily outwitted with the Texas Rig. In this article you will find everything about how to mount the Texas Rig correctly and use it for fishing our predatory fish.

Table of Contents The advantages of the Texas RigAssembly instructions for the Texas RigThe accessories for the Texas RigThe right lead for the Texas RigThe right rod for the Texas RigHow to mount the Texas Rig correctlyThe stop on the Texas RigTexas Rig Pike with steel leaderWith the Texas Rig on zanderWith the Texas Rig on perchWith the Texas Rig on troutWith the Texas Rig on troutMore tips and tricks

The advantages of the Texas Rig

With the Texas Rig you always fish hard at the bottom and reach the predators there, where they are mainly in winter. At the same time the assembly avoids hangers due to the specially shaped lead and an offset hook. It is even possible to fish directly in wood or herb, where the predators like to stay, but other fishing methods only produce hangers. This method is clearly superior to the classic jigging. Also sucking in the bait is easier for the predatory fish because the lead is not solid. This ensures fewer false bites despite buried offset hooks.

Fitting instructions for the Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is very simply a cartridge lead, a bead, a hook and a lure – done!    Optional are the glass bead and a stopper. Correctly read, even if it is often depicted like this in Germany, the glass bead is not a must for the Texas Rig, but a possibility to draw the fishes attention to our lure in turbid and deep water. You can see how it looks like in the picture below.

The size of the hook is of course always based on the lure size the hook used in the picture is completely oversized for better illustration.

The classic bait for a Texas Rig is a worm like rubber bait like in the picture but any Creature Baits for example imitation newt and especially rubber crabs are perfect for the Texas Rig. Even slim rubber fish can be fished with the Texas Rig.

The accessories for the Texas Rig

The typical accessories for the Texas Rig, as written in the last paragraph, are variable and by no means always fixed. Here is a list for the typical Texas Rig:

  • Cartridge lead – due to the shape it hardly causes any hangers other lead shapes are also possible
  • Glass bead – provides extra noise underwater but is optional
  • A fishing hook – usually an offset hook. The advantage is again that it hardly produces any hooks other hooks are possible without problems
  • A stopper ensures that the lead always stays close to the hook, but is again only one of many possibilities
  • Leader material Fluorocarbon has proven itself due to its high abrasion resistance.    But you can also do without a leader and simply mount everything on the main line
  • It can be useful to have a swivel in front of the hook, especially in flowing water.    In this case you can make the leader as long as you like.

The right lead for the Texas Rig

Besides the classic cartridge lead there are also weights made of tungsten, these sink faster and are much smaller at the same weight, because tungsten has a higher density than lead. Which weight you take depends on the water. For still waters 2-10 grams are sufficient, unless you fish at great depths, then it may be 10 grams more.    In flowing waters you use weights similar to those you use for lead heads for rubber fishing.    Don’t forget that the glass bead also contributes to the total weight and keeps our lure close to the bottom.

The right rod for the Texas Rig

Of course the rod depends on the target fish species. The Americans fish in a classic way with Baitcaster reels and 2.1 – 2.7 m long rods with a fast tip action with the Texas Rig for black bass.    So all classic rubber fishing rods for perch, zander and pike are perfectly suited for fishing with the Texas Rig. But I would leave out the hard “zander beatings”. So you don’t need a special rod for this kind of fishing and to “just try it out” any spinning rod is suitable in principle.

How to lead the Texas Rig correctly

Again the Texas Rig is very uncomplicated and does not require any special guidance.    After ejection, you simply let it sink to the bottom and then catch it up again. You can do light jigs with the rod to pluck the assembly over the ground. It is also easy to pull the mount over the ground.

The stroke of the Texas Rig

should not be too strong, bites are even more difficult to see compared to rubber fishing. Mostly they come in the sinking phase, when the mounting is looser. So you often only feel a slight plucking. Then after a short delay you should feel a light bite, if the fish hangs, it is not advisable to continue fishing concentrated, because often the fish will catch again. Pike, pike-perch and trout bite more vehemently than perch and therefore the attack can be faster.

Texas Rig for pike with steel leader

If you want to catch pike you should use a thicker steel leader. You can also choose the lures accordingly. If there are crabs in the water, rubber crabs are the first choice for the Texas Rig for pike. For simplicity, you can attach your steel leader to the main line with a knotless connector. You won’t have to bind yourself when fishing for pike with the Texas Rig, because the weight and the bead go directly onto the steel leader.

Alternatively of course fluorocarbon leaders or hard mono are also an important alternative here of course a corresponding pike fishing diameter (0.7 mm and upwards) and the lead and beads must have a larger hole that this thick material still fits through.

With the Texas Rig on Zander

Zander can also be used for crabs and creature baits and even worms. As Zander suck the bait, they benefit from the moveable drop shot lead and feel hardly any resistance when biting.    Of course it is important to adjust the lure size to zander and not to try the 4 cm rubber, even though it will certainly work sometimes. The places to fish for zander are the same as for rubber fishing. Along the edge of the stream and near the groyne head in deep holes.

With the Texas Rig for perch

The Texas Rig is made for perch, which is why it was developed for the also very aggressive and curious black bass. For our perch you can reduce the bait size a bit but everything between 3 and 10 cm is suitable. Especially the very slender rubber worms can also be handled by smaller perch. With perch you usually only feel a plucking when biting, because the fish often just try to get a full bite afterwards. My tip here is to try it with flavoured bait or apply some attractant to the bait.

Fishing for trout with the Texas Rig

Fishing for trout with the Texas Rig and finest bull weights is almost like cheating, because especially rubber worms and crabs are attacked hard by trout. Not to notice the bites here is almost difficult. Especially deep pools can be fished extremely well with the Texas Rig, so you can also get down to the big trout. Attention: in some trout waters rubber worms are not allowed.

Further tips and tricks

  • Natural bait can also be fished with the Texas Rig, but must be fixed accordingly, otherwise they fall off the hook quickly. For example, no perch will leave a large thaw worm cold and bait fish are also conceivable. In waters with too many slopes this is difficult because you have to do without offset hooks
  • If you fish tungsten weights you should use a rubber bead, otherwise the weight will break the glass bead and damage the leader.
  • Plastic beads make less noise but are easy on the wallet
  • Other lead shapes are also suitable but can produce more hangers and make less noise

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