These Cheap Chinawobblers Catch Easy


Not all of the very cheap plugs from China have proven themselves in my box and will get a place this year. After more than a year of fishing with the plugs I can now say something about the durability and quality, even in continuous use, because some plugs I didn’t want to take off. An article about Bearking’s plugs I made here >> these are mostly more expensive than the plugs in this list. Also for the sea I made a list of top saltwater Chinese lures.

Table of Contents Place 1Place 2Place 3Place 4Place 5Quality and workmanship of China plugs

Place 1

Goes clearly to the small perch and trout plugs from Trulinoya. The Chinese wobbler brand Bearking also has this model in their range, which tells me that the manufacturer is a different one. I have ordered more and more of this plugs in different colours right after I ordered my first one separately. Why? Because the small one still runs well even on huge snaps and just catches!

  • Link to the Trulinoya wobbler on Aliexpress
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The wobbler has brought me a lot of perch and trout, as well as a lot of fish at the sea. The quality of the hooks and snap rings was very good on the ones ordered by Trulinoya, while those of the same no name model had to be replaced after a few times of fishing.

Place 2

Goes very close to the model that is available from Sealurer among others. The flat runner casts much further than the Wlure wobbler and runs just great at any speed. In addition, the success of the catch with the large chub has contributed something else. I also did not have to change the snap rings and triplets.

  • Link to the wobbler on Aliexpress
  • Link to the test

3rd place

The Wlure wobbler is available in different very nice nature decors, with which you are never wrong. At slow catching speed it is also exactly what Zander want at night.

  • Link to the wobbler on Aliexpress
  • Link to the test

Place 4

The Proberos Crankbait is a real racket maker and will be reordered as well. After I have already sunk 4 of the 5 plugs from the package. I don’t have to say much more, the plugs have even convinced Lake Constance perch, which is quite a lot. Normally the perches there don’t take such big and thick baits.

  • Link to the wobbler on Aliexpress
  • Link to the test

5th place

The Easy Catch Minnow, which is also available under many other brand names, convinced me very much about the run. However, quality and workmanship did not convince me. 2 out of 10 plugs were leaking, but this can be easily solved with two component adhesives.

If I deduct the prices for new snap rings, triplets and a flat rate for the glue, I still saved 80 € compared to the comparable plugs here in the fishing shop!

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Quality and workmanship of China plugs

General note on quality and workmanship. I have already mentioned this elsewhere. For the wobblers which are relatively more expensive and come from brands like Bearking (usually 2-7€ per wobbler) the quality is always 1a. The wobblers come with really stainless, extremely sharp hooks and the workmanship does not differ from expensive brand wobblers here. Even with the cheaper ones I usually had no problems with bad snap rings or hooks.

But with the very cheap plugs I have found out again and again that like the minnow on place 5 the snap rings and triplets rust quickly and are of inferior quality. Nevertheless the plugs run and catch very well!

My tip is to exchange these with the good and cheap Rosco springrings and either order triplets separately on Aliexpress or go to your local favorite brand. The problem of tightness I had so far only with the mentioned wobbler!

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