Top Pike Spinning Rods A Guide With Recommendations


The pike is the most popular angler’s fish in Europe, and in addition to sit-up fishing, spinning for pike is still very popular.    For this reason, there are a variety of spinning rods that are precisely adapted to the requirements for fishing for pike. However, there is hardly a single rod that can be used for all pike spinning techniques – the requirements are too varied. At the very least, a distinction must be made between jerkbait and other spinning rods for pike fishing. For rubber fishing for pike, rather hard rods are recommended, while MH rods are the right ones for plugs and even lighter rods are sufficient for spoons and spinners. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry that you will limit yourself too much by buying a pike rod. Almost all rods can do a lot and there are always innovations on the market. In this article I would like to introduce you to the best pike spinning rods for every budget. I will also discuss what a pike rod must be able to do for the particular application. You will find tips and an overview of pike spinning in this article>>.

Table of Contents Budget Spinning Rods for PikeDaiwa Procaster – my recommendationSinger Pro- T SpinShimano VengeanceMedium price segment pike spinning rodsJenzi Xperanza pikeDaiwa Prorex SpinTop pike spinning rodsSportex Black Arrow G2IM 12 pike whipJenzi Mitsuki HTop pike spinning rods the Top class rods for jerkingProperties of a classic all-round pike spinning rod

Budget spinning rods for pike

Even for about 50 € you can get very good pike spinning rods, with which one can successfully chase the pike. Three very good budget rods are the singers Pro-T Spin, Shimano Vengeance and the Daiwa Procaster.

Daiwa Procaster – my recommendation

The Daiwa Procaster is a really good pike spinning rod for the price range and I have fished it several times. The casting weight is rather understated and you can pull through much more.    The rod is my recommendation in this range, because it is generally very strong and well made. For pike spinning I recommend the above linked model with 2.7 m and a casting weight of 20-60 grams.

Sänger Pro-T Spin

The Sänger rod is really good for the price and also the design is really nice. The rod is very taut and therefore also suitable for jigging with rubber fish. But also all other spinning lures can be easily cast and guided with this rod.      With the 2.7 m and 20-60g rod you can spin for pike on almost any water from the shore and with 170g the rod is light enough to fish with it without getting tired.

Shimano Vengeance

The second rod is from Shimano, the Vengeance is especially in the “Shad” version a great rod with which spin fishing is fun. The lure spectrum is similar to that of the singer rod, but the emphasis is clearly on rubber fishing. For this price you can hardly find a better rubber fishing rod. 8-15 cm rubber fish with 8-20g lead heads are no problem for the rod and can be guided optimally.

Medium price segment pike spinning rods

Jenzi Xperanza Pike

Another good pike rod is the Jenzi Xperanza Pike: This rod is part of a series of rods for different areas of spin fishing. The rod is a visual copy of the Shimano Yasei rods with the black and white design. The rod is available in two versions for pike, one in 2,7 m and one in 2,95 m both with 30-90 gram casting weight, which covers the lure range for pike optimally, only in spring I like to fish with lighter rods, because small lures, which imitate the fry are lighter. There is a hook eye, which I welcome, because it makes it easier to change places while fishing and you have a place for the lure (you should NEVER put the hooks of your artificial lures into the rod rings). A special detail is the cross winding around the blank, which looks nice. All around a successful pike rod.

Daiwa Prorex Spin

The Daiwa Prorex Spin is currently quite cheap and a good pike rod with a very tight action, where every stroke is well done. The rod is suitable for rubber fishing as well as for plugs. In the fight against pike the rod has a lot of reserves and bends almost to the handle, but it needs a lot of pressure to do so. The rod has a chic cork/sponge rubber grip and the blank is black and grey. A Fuji reel seat and a titanium oxide ring round off this beautiful rod. The rod is especially interesting for anglers who like to fish for zander in the Rhine with rubber. I fish the rod myself and I’m really excited about it: Link to the test >>

Top pike spinning rods

Sportex Black Arrow G2

The rod is perfect for fishing with virtually any spinning lure except maybe jerks.    This means that nothing stands in the way of a pike trip with a full bait box and perch can also enjoy the rod.    The main difference to its predecessor are the even lighter blanks.    The 80 gram rod is considered ideal for pike fishing and has a fast tip action. Nevertheless, the blank bends a little further when something has bitten and needs to be drilled out.

IM 12 pike whip

A real all-round rod for pike fishing developed by Matze Koch: the IM 12 pike whip. This rod is not only for pike, but also for perch and then it should be able to jerk and in between there is also the pike-perch. Honestly, the rod is not such an egg-laying woolly milkshake. The manufacturer’s specifications are a bit exaggerated, but still the rod is absolutely top and you can do a lot with it.

With the skeleton grip, with which you can put your thumb directly on the rod blank to feel every fine ground contact or just pluck and fish contact.    The rod is made of high compressed carbon and therefore charges really well when casting.

Jenzi Mitsuki H

Also a top rod for the money is the Jenzi Mitsuki H. Unfortunately the rod is not available everywhere anymore and the price has risen with time! Why? Because it is a bit too good for the price compared to what the competition offers. As the name suggests, this rod was developed especially for the American colleague of the pike of the Muskie. The casting weight fits exactly into the spectrum with 40-80g. The 2.4 m rod weighs only 164g, which is quite little for a pike rod. The rings are special rings called VLRC, which stands for Very long range casting.

Top pike spinning rods the upper class

The Daiwa Infinity Q is a rod that is more suitable for rubber fish. It is available in different versions and casting weights. The action is rather stiff so that guiding rubber fish is possible. The presented version is also very suitable for spin fishing for zander, but also plugs are still fun.

Shorter variants are good to fish from the boat. Equipment, workmanship make this often recommended rod a price/performance tip. Thanks to the hard action, the first strike when pike fishing is no problem and the hard spine also allows you to drill capitals in the current.

In this price segment you can expect a lot from the rods. Flawless workmanship, the best components and perfection down to the last detail are a must with such rods. Such rods are more for anglers who specialise in a certain type of fishing, e.g. in this case spinning for pike. Or, of course, you might want to treat yourself to something special. I have already tested the Quantum smoke rod here on this page and found it to be very good.

Jerking rods

Jerking rods are designed for jerking jerkbaits, which are artificial lures similar to wobblers without a diving shovel. Usually such rods are about 2 m long, which has several reasons. First of all it is relatively easy to jerk down and with longer rods this becomes more difficult. On the other hand such rods have to be brutally hard and for that you need quite expensive blanks, because carbon fibre mats are very expensive. If you want to have a long jerk rod you can have a look at the popper rods for Bluefish and Striped Bass and Co. A classic jerk rod is the Abu Garcia Veritas. It is not surprising that Abu Garcia, who is known for their good baitcasters, has such rods in their program. For fishing with jerky rods we recommend such multi-reels like the Abu Garcia Revo.

Features of a classic all-round pike rod

A “normal” pike spinning rod is a little softer than the usual rubber whips and has a medium or medium to heavy action, which offers a decisive advantage especially in the fight with fish. Ultra hard boards are a disadvantage for pike, but the rod must still be strong enough for a good shot into the hard pike mouth. As usual, the length of the rod is based on the conditions in the water. However, a 2.7 m rod is usually recommended for fishing from the bank. Unless you have to cast from the deepest thicket and need a short rod to still be able to cast. From the boat 2.4 m is almost too much and you can choose to make it a little shorter.

Casting weights are usually around 20 to 100g depending on the preferred lure weights. Typical pike lures are spoons, plugs, spinners, rubber fish or bait fish on the system. For the last two lures, as already mentioned, somewhat harder rods are recommended.

The classic all in one pike rod simply doesn’t exist anymore because the variety of lures and techniques has increased considerably. Therefore most rods serve different niches. Of course this is rather wide spread with many rods. That is why I have tried to find more all-round pike spinning rods with which many things are possible and little or no compromises have to be made. Heavy jerkbaits are still reserved for the 2 m floggers, which are not even heavy due to modern technology.

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