Deeper Pro+ Reviewed The Modern Echo Sounder?


Even though I’m a bit late with the test, since the device has been available for a year, I bought it to broaden my fishing horizon once again. I have decided for the best version the “Pro+” and write you also here why. The sonar was bought by myself and was in no way sponsored by the manufacturer. The test reflects my personal opinions and experiences.

The price is in the range of cheap 5′ echo sounders, but these come with their own screen. In the case of the Deeper Echosounder, however, a smartphone serves as a screen display and is absolutely necessary for use.    The Deeper is then connected via WLAN function and has a range of up to 100 m.    Of course, this WLAN does not cost anything extra, only the function of the smartphone is used. The battery of the device lasts about 6 hours. On the Smartphone you can always see the battery status.

The app must also be installed and can be downloaded and used free of charge in the google Playstore for Android smartphones as well as in the Applestore. As a small “feature”, you will be introduced to the functions and options of the Deeper Pro plus in five mails, which will come gradually. The information is quite helpful and I would advise everyone to read this small

table of contents Technical data Deeper Pro+ in comparisonFirst impressionIn practical testThe fishing rod and line for DeeperFishing with cheatsFor whom the Deeper is nothing, and for whom already advantages and disadvantages of the Deeper echo sounderAdvantagesNeutralDisadvantagesConclusion

Technical data Deeper Pro+ in comparison

There are three versions of the Deeper, which differ in small but essential details. The GPS function of the Pro + allows me to create my own depth maps.      So I can also use the app exclusively when I only want to find a hot spot again, which I can also simply mark. Also the frequency of the device can be adjusted in many ways. Furthermore, the app always shows me how deep the water is, where the Deeper is, where I am and above all, what water temperature is on the surface.    There are two versions of the Deeper Pro Plus: one with the shown accessories and a little cheaper just the device with cable.

There is also the “Deeper Start”, which has no GPS function of its own and simply serves as a pure echo sounder. The Wlan signal of the Start model is also only 50 m and it has a scan depth of 50 m. For me neither was an option and I wanted to have the mapping function for my device.

First impression

The device is very compact and with a diameter of about 6.5 cm small, so it fits in every pocket. I would have expected a larger device here, but I am positively surprised. So the device can be taken along to every holiday! The workmanship is very solid and the material (ABS plastic) is of high quality. I would have expected that as well. The upper half of the device can be unscrewed and the USB charging port and the WLAN antenna appear.    WLAN signals hardly pass through water, so the Deeper has to swim with it.

If I want to close the device again, the writing on the upper part where “Water” is written and on the lower part “Proof” helps. If these parts with the two arrows are on top of each other, then our device is waterproof.

At first I could not switch on the device, because it only switches on when it gets in contact with water. Then I find the WLAN “Deeper Sonar plus” with my mobile phone and can connect.

The accessories in the large package are relatively well thought out. The only thing I could do without is the really small Gerber multifunction tool. The orange cap for the Deeper allows me to see the sonar well even in bad or dark conditions. The small neoprene bag is for storing the device, while the really useful mobile phone holder is attached to the rod handle with two rubber bands, so I always have one hand free and don’t have to hold the device while cranking. The USB charger cable comes with me but first of all in the box with the many others, because you get this with almost every electronic device. Nevertheless it is also included in the box, if someone doesn’t have one.    I like the fact that it is a normal USB standard cable.

In practice

I now had almost two months to test the Deeper Pro+ on various waters and was able to test it in detail even under tough conditions at Lake Constance with extreme swell. The only thing I couldn’t test was the maximum depth, even if Lake Constance is deep enough, the swell was too strong to even give it a try with the belly boat. In the picture on the bottom left you can also see what happens to the device, which is always floating on the surface, when you use it in stronger waves.

During one of my first tests I was allowed to take a full bath, because I didn’t want to lose my new, not exactly cheap device. Out of sheer carelessness I had pulled the device through properly on a rod with a casting weight of 60 grams and a 0.16` line. My rod is able to do this, but the line is not!    In any case, I did not think twice (at the beginning of February!) after my new tackle said goodbye to my line with a loud bang and was very fast in the water.      At 4°C that was especially fun, but I survived and can now continue to write this test. Write me a comment, if you would have jumped into the water when 240€ are floating by.

The fishing rod and line for the Deeper

After the above mentioned incident I tied the Deeper to my 20-30lbs boat rod with a Penn Slammer and 40`er braided

.    A bit exaggerated, but I don’t take a bath that fast anymore. But in the meantime I use a 3 LBS carp rod with a 30` braided and long cast reel. With this the Deeper can be cast quite far. But I doubt if I can reach the 100 m, which is the maximum transmission distance, because the device is not a “long distance bomb”.    Nevertheless it can be thrown 50-80 m with the appropriate device. Also with the current you can let the device drift.

Fishing with cheats

Cheats are commands in computer and video games which allow cheating. This is exactly how it feels to go fishing with the echo sounder as a shore angler. The “aha” effect is great, so you can get a really accurate picture of what it looks like underwater, and whether the spot can bring fish at all. The temperature display is unfortunately only for the surface where the unit swims, but that’s still better than no temperature display at all.

The only thing I still have to criticize is that the device sometimes switches off quite quickly, especially when it has been out of the water. I haven’t checked if this is possibly due to my mobile phone, but I don’t believe it, because otherwise my smartphone establishes a very stable WLAN connection to other devices.

For whom the Deeper is nothing, and for whom already

Not for every angler the echo sounder is necessarily useful. First of all, you should not use an echo sounder in every water. If this is of course the case in your home waters, then this may not make much sense. Unfortunately this is the case with me, but here is the rule that I am only allowed to use it directly when fishing. If I don’t fish, nobody can forbid me to map the water. In my case I have clarified this with the wardens to avoid any trouble. In my case the echosounder still makes sense because I get fish and a lot of other things around in many different waters. Most of the time echosounders are allowed and of course I get a very good picture of new waters, for which I would otherwise need a lot of time with sounding. You can also see the fish directly, which is the main advantage of an echo sounder.

The Deeper is of course also great for all catfish anglers who want to fish from the shore, here you can easily find the deepest holes or the deepest groyne where the fish can be successfully fished. Also for all anglers who are after schooling fish like whitefish. Another field of application is pose angling, where you simply sound out the exact spot and observe if the fish is at the feeding place. Echosounders are also popular for ice-fishing and with the Deeper you have the advantage of having a compact device.

For anglers who want to fish in very deep waters over 80 m and also go beyond this depth there, the Deeper is rather unsuitable. The Deeper also needs a minimum water depth of approx. 0.8-1 m to function. Furthermore I do not advise boat anglers on larger waters because of the wave problem. Possibly, however, it is still being reworked here. It should be possible to calculate the waves in the app.

Of course you should not forget that the fathoming from the shore also simply takes time. Of course you need this time, but it can be worth it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Deeper Echosounder

To make a long story short, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the device that I have found compared to conventional echosounders


  • Relatively cheap for what it can do
  • Small and compact – easily stowed away even on holiday
  • Well thought-out and clearly arranged app
  • Compact, small and light
  • Easy installation
  • For boats, ice fishing and shore use
  • Creating depth charts
  • Battery lasts quite long (


  • Screen display depends on smartphone


  • Does not cope very well with strong waves. This makes classic echo sounders better. But also difficult for the Deeper because of the technology. Nevertheless, it would be possible to calculate this out with a setting by the software.
  • No technology comparable to CHIRP
  • Switches off now and then – despite full battery and Wlan connection
  • With a depth range of 80 m, Norwegian sailors will not be happy – but sufficient for almost all German waters.    Even in the lakes in the foothills of the Alps, you rarely fish deeper than 80 m.
  • The device can break off (see practical part)
  • The shape could be more aerodynamic and produce less water turbulence


I find the modern approach of connecting the device to the smartphone, which almost everyone owns nowadays, ingenious and a logical consequence of the further development of echo sounders. This means that from an ecological point of view there is no need to produce a display. But the resolution and screen brightness is again completely dependent on the used Smartphone. The app should also work with a tablet, but I still have to test this with my Ipad.

With the Deeper Echolot as shore angler it feels like turning on cheats in a computer game. Nevertheless you need some time to get a good feel for your waters. From the boat it is almost an indispensable tool, as long as there are not too strong waves. The test will be extended and kept up to date in the coming months. So far I can only recommend the device to every angler!    The negative points are all to be overcome and I haven’t noticed anything really problematic. The quality and price/performance are right for me.

I would not recommend this device to pure boat anglers. You can find good alternative devices in my current market overview >>.

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