Trout Rods Review: 6 Fishing Rods Reviewed & Comparison For Under 60 Bucks


The ejection works very well, because it is incredibly light with a display of 240 g. Therefore it lies comfortably in the hand. What is really great is the carbon tip used. It really shows every bite immediately, because it reacts to the smallest bite already.

Especially with smaller trout we had the problem that the bite was noticed very late. This is definitely a positive aspect of this trout rod.  Furthermore the carbon tip cushions jerky movements of the trout very easily.

This makes the fight in general a bit more comfortable and even when using thin lines there is not so fast the danger that the line breaks immediately with larger specimens.


Here is a picture of the trout rod: Display


  • Total length: 3,30m
  • Transport length: 1,17m
  • Weight 240g
  • Throwing weight 3-28g
  • Material IM-6 carbon fibre
  • Ringing SIC
  • Trout rod with cork handle
  • for bottom and float fishing
  • Carbon tip


At just under 60 Euro it is not the cheapest trout rod but it is a high quality product that will give you a lot of fun for a long time. You have to take some money in the hand but in our opinion it is still better than having to buy it twice afterwards.

Furthermore it is very easy to transport because of the short transport length. It only consists of 3 parts. The processing of the carbon fibres and the cork handle is very high quality. From us there is a clear recommendation to buy this trout rod.

DAM PTS Tremalino – telescopic trout rod, 7 pieces

The DAM PTS Tremalino – telescopic trout rod consists of 7 parts. At first sight in the trout rod test, when all 7 parts are assembled, this trout rod is really big and long with 4.50 m. Because of the many parts it is also a bit unhandy for us. Compared to 285 g it is also a bit heavier but that may be due to the large scope of delivery.

Unfortunately the black aluminum oxide rings are not really stable and therefore a little loose. This is not very good for the line guidance because the line does not run exactly straight.

Unfortunately the tip of the trout rod is not really stable either. When casting from a weight of 6 g it works so that it could break at any time. On the positive side, the TC24-Carbon Graphite reel seat with stainless steel inserts gives the rod a stable and high-quality impression.

The cork handle used also fits well in the hand with this trout rod. It is very pleasant and promises good handling in any case.



  • Length of the trout rod: 4,50m
  • Casting weight: 12-40g
  • Sliding elements: 7-parts
  • Weight: 285g
  • Black aluminium-oxide rings
  • Cork handles
  • TC24-Carbon Graphite reel seat with stainless steel inserts


Among the tested trout rods is the DAM PTS Tremalino – telescopic trout rod, 7-piece not the best rod. This is mainly due to the loose rings for line guidance and the easily breakable carbon tip.

Otherwise the rod is of high quality but difficult to use because of the many parts. Here you need some time to assemble everything. Here are really better and more solid trout rods.

The AnzeigeDAM PTS Tremalino is also available at the fishing place shop.

Cormoran PROFILINE PICKER Picker rod 2-piece 5-30g

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display trout rods are an alternative.

One thing in advance: The Cormoran PROFILINE PICKER picker rod 2-piece 5-30g is by far the cheapest rod among the tested trout rods and is already available for less than 30 Euro.

We have tested the longest of the offered trout rods. With 3 m it is very suitable for trout fishing. It has a good action and with a weight of 215 g it is really light.

It has a total of 9 titanium cord rings which allow for exact cord guidance. The casting weight of 5 to 30 g is also very suitable for trout fishing. The used cork handle fits well in the hand. The trout rod is also supplied with 3 quiver tips.

This is really a nice extra at this price. When casting with some weight you will notice that the bending curve of the trout rod is very even.  Overall this rod has a great price/performance ratio.



  • Length: 3.00 m
  • Casting weight: 5-30 g
  • Parts: 2+3 pcs
  • Weight: 215 g
  • Lash rings: 9 in total
  • 3 quiver tips
  • Cork/EVA handle
  • Titanium oxide rings


The price of this trout rod is really unbeatable. Material and workmanship are great and it has a great handling. In addition, this trout rod lies comfortably in the hand and is not too heavy.

With a total weight of 215g it is really light as a feather. The 9 line rings allow a smooth and exact line run. All in all a trout rod that is hard to beat in terms of price.

Optionally you can get the AnzeigeCormoran Profiline Picker also at the fishing place shop.

Jenzi spinning rod rod with reel and line Trout rod

The positive thing about the Jenzi spinning rod with reel and line is that theoretically you can start fishing immediately. It is delivered with a reel and line.

The reel is a Speci LT 2000 with a line capacity of up to 180 m. Admittedly, this is not the largest line capacity, but it is quite reasonable at this price.

The price is by far the lowest compared to the other tested trout rods. The AnzeigeJenzi spinning rod trout rod with reel and line has a reasonable total length of 2.70 m and is delivered in 2 parts.

We were able to stow it in an SUV behind the seats without any problems, because the transport length is only 1,42. The casting weight is 10 to 35 g and is therefore ideal for a trout rod.

Unfortunately the handle is made of foam and not cork as usual. Therefore it does not feel very nice when you hold the trout rod in your hand. Here some of the tested rods (especially the first one) are much more comfortable.



Rod details:

  • Length: 2, 70 m
  • 2 parts:
  • Transport length: 142 cm
  • Total weight: 280 g
  • Throwing weight: 10 – 35 g

Roller details:

  • Model: Speci LT 2000
  • Line capacity: 0, 15mm/180m; 0, 18mm/150m; 0, 20mm/100m
  • Gear ratio: 5. 1:1
  • Reel brake: rear brake
  • Reel weight approx.: 230 g
  • Ball bearing: yes


You can definitely say that you can fish for trout with this trout rod.  We have caught 2 smaller ones (lower ones the minimum size) with this rod but released them afterwards.

However, we think that this rod is only suitable for beginners who just want to start fishing. It is definitely suitable for this. Professionals and advanced anglers should better leave it alone.

SPINRUTE MAGNA MAGIC Spin 75 / IM-7 Carbon / 2.70m 20-75g / 2014

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. The following display trout rods offer an alternative.

The SPINRUTE MAGNA MAGIC Spin 75 / IM-7 Carbon / 2,70m 20-75g / 2014 is really a high class rod. It is very high quality processed for the given price and impresses with its great action.

We had tested this rod for weight and fragility. Conclusion: This trout rod is really hard to break.  This is mainly due to the carbon blank construction IM-7.

With a casting weight of 20 to 75 g you really have a lot of scope for design. Also outside of trout fishing you can deal with it. The indicator SPINRUTE MAGNA MAGIC Spin 75 comes with 2 parts and has a total transport length of 1.42 m. This makes it very handy and speaks for good transport characteristics.

Due to the carbon rings you also have a very good line guidance which leaves no questions open. All in all this trout rod is very well manufactured and has a top quality.



  • Total length: 2,70m
  • Casting weight: 20-75g
  • Weight: ca 220g
  • Transport length: ca 1,42m
  • 2 parts
  • blank construction IM-7 Carbon
  • crosswise laid carbon fibers
  • Precise tenon joint
  • Cork handle for trout rod
  • Stainless steel reel seat
  • Nylon-ABS and hook seat
  • Titanium SIC-Rings


This trout rod is really well made, but at just under 60 Euros it is very expensive. With a total length of 2,70 m it is a little shorter but the handling is much better.

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You didn’t find what you were looking for in the trout rod test? There is a really large selection of display trout rods at the fishing spot. Just have a look and browse a little because many branded products are partly reduced.

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