Trulinoya DW24/DW39 35mm Crankbait


By far one of the most catching plugs I have, but maybe that is also because the plugs are small and therefore appeal to the more common small predators. Nevertheless on trout, perch, chub and actually everything in similar size the plugs are extremely good. The run is really impressive for such a small plugs and it even starts snaps and carabiner swirls that are completely unsuitable for plugs. In the meantime I could catch fish with this small plugs all over the world, whether in Croatia, the Philippines or here. The wobbler found everywhere fast a predator.

Quality and conclusion

The little Trulinoya plugs make a good impression. The original hooks are good with the Trulinoya plugs, but if you buy the plugs from other brands you will usually find cheaper hooks and snap rings on them, which rust quickly. I find two triplet hooks a bit much for trout fishing and so one is removed or even replaced by single hooks. Also the original hooks have the bad habit of catching each other.

Very nice is the big choice of colours, so there is something for everyone. Apart from gaudy ones, there are also more inconspicuous, more natural decorations. I could go into all the details here, which you can also find in the test table. But in principle, I have nothing else to criticize or emphasize about this little crankbait. If you need a small plugs to chase trout or perch or like me the ominous Lapu Lapu, you are not doing anything wrong here.

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Wobbler characteristics

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