Wading Boots Review: 6 Wading Boots Reviewed & Comparison: Never Again Wet Feet


In the wading boots test we present you 6 models. Wading boots are becoming more and more popular among anglers, which has led to a strong increase in demand in recent years. They are used by anglers on rivers, shores, ponds and also on the Wadden Sea. They are usually made of rubber, PVC or neoprene and usually have a distinctive profile sole. However, some models also have a felt sole, depending on the area of use. In contrast to classic rubber boots, they are very long and often reach far over the thighs.

They are also often worn over clothing when fishing, such as jeans. The advantage is that you can easily go into the water with them without getting wet feet or wet clothes. The slightly smaller version of the waders are the fishing boots. These often only reach up to the knees (underneath are the fishing boots, but these will not be discussed here). The next increase of the wading boots is the waders which in most cases even reach up to the chest.

On the following picture you can see two anglers with typical waders at the sea:

As we are often asked for recommendations on waders by e-mail, we have taken this opportunity to write a detailed product report on various models in the low, medium and higher price range. So you can compare the wading boots with each other and choose the most suitable characteristics for your needs. In the following we would like to explain to you a little bit how we proceeded in the waders test. Then we will start with the first waders test.

How we proceeded with the wading boots test

We have examined the wading boots with regard to the following criteria under the magnifying glass:

  • Workmanship and quality
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Insulation
  • Price / performance

After the wading boots had arrived at our premises, we immediately looked at the workmanship. This includes of course the material from which the boots were made. In particular we checked the products for resistance and load capacity.

In the end it was also important to us whether the boots are really waterproof. After all, what good are wading boots if they do not fully protect you from the water. For this we simply put the boots through a practical test and put them on for several days while fishing in the mud, waders and on the shore.  Therefore we went directly into the wad, as you can see on the following picture:

Of course comfort was also an important feature for us. Many cheap models have for example only an insufficient inner padding. This can be quite uncomfortable in the long run, especially if you spend many hours in waders. Therefore, we have of course also evaluated the comfort accordingly.

In addition, we have also examined all wading boots to see if they keep the promised size. Because sometimes boots turn out bigger or smaller than originally expected. If the boots turned out bigger or smaller in our opinion, we have of course evaluated this accordingly negative.  Especially in the winter months it can get very cold in the boots. Therefore, we made sure that the boots are warm but also breathable for the warmer summer months.

Finally, the price/performance ratio was also important to us. Here we simply looked to see if the price was in good proportion to the quality of the boots.

At the end of the day we made a uniform overall score from all the indicators from which you can easily read which boot is the best wading boot in our opinion. So we hope that the decision for the right choice of footwear in the water will be even easier for you. Now we don’t want to beat about the bush and start with the first product report.

Cormoran neoprene waders

What we noticed with the AnzeigeLEMIGO waders is that they fit right from the start. The fit has therefore fully met our expectations. We also like the inside of the boot very much. This is completely made of felt.

This means that especially on cold waters and on cold days you won’t get frozen toes anymore. If this was a problem for you, you can now enjoy warm feet in the future. For those who find it too warm in the long run, the inner material can also be removed without any problems.

Due to the EVA material the boot is also extremely light. One hardly feels the waders when wearing them. For us, this has of course also increased the wearing comfort extremely. Especially if you have a long way to the fishing spot, this is an enormous advantage. In addition, the sole is sufficiently structured and has a very good profile.


The following is a picture. If you cannot see it, just click on the picture to enlarge it: Display

Short & concise

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Brand: Lemigo
  • Sizes: 41 to 47
  • Material: 210 denier nylon / EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
  • Side belt attachment sleeves
  • Pleasant target comfort
  • Low weight: a boot in size 42 weighs only 695g
  • Impact absorption
  • Removable felt inner shoes
  • Easy to clean

Conclusion of the wading boot test

All in all this wading boot convinced us in many points. It is very light, has a high wearing comfort and in winter you don’t get cold feet anymore. The same applies of course to cold mountain streams. We can recommend these boots to all those who do not want to spend so much money, want to order the right size from the beginning and value a lot of comfort. Clear purchase recommendation from our side.

LEMIGO Nylon Waders

These AnzeigeLEMIGO Waders differ in relation to the previously tested model in that they are made entirely of nylon. Now many will think that nylon is normally water permeable, but this one is completely waterproof. In addition the material is very flexible. However, when you try them on, they turn out a bit bigger. Here you should order one size smaller. For all others we recommend to order matching boot socks to compensate the difference in size.

What we also liked very much is the fact that he could convince us of the workmanship. If you walk along the shore with them or even step into the water, they have a good grip. They are almost non-slip and give you the necessary stability on and in the water.

In addition, they have matching fastening loops on the side for the belt. This gives you even more support. The price is also relatively low at just under 30 euros.


The following is a picture. If you cannot see it, just click on the picture to enlarge it: Display

Short & sweet

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Brand: Lemigo
  • Sizes: 41 to 47
  • Material:  210 denier nylon / PVC boots
  • Light and soft
  • Non-slip sole
  • Side belt attachment loops
  • Adjustment of thigh circumference with quick release
  • Additional reinforced knee
  • 100% waterproof
  • Price: cheap


All in all the nylon waders from Lemigo are boots that serve their purpose. It is waterproof and additionally reinforced in the knee area. But you should not expect too big miracles now, because in the end it is a normal boot for the water. Also it is not very warm or anything like that. For the price-conscious, but still worth considering.

Behr Nylon/PVC waders size 39-48

The first thing you notice about Behr nylon/PVC waders is that they reach to the groin. This means that the water can reach the inside of the boots less quickly. Insbeonsdere with stronger currents where sometimes the one or other wave overturns, this characteristic can prove to be very positive. The wading boots are made of a mixture of nylon and PVC. This makes them not only completely waterproof, but also flexible due to the nylon, especially in the knee area.

Like most other boots, this model also has a grippy profile sole. In our opinion, this is very important to avoid slipping. In terms of fit, they fitted immediately and at first go. They are neither too big nor too small. Behr wading boots are also very comfortable on the inside, or rather, they fit the foot perfectly. Especially if you want to wear them permanently, you will appreciate this fact.

Picture of the boots

Following a small picture.  For a larger view, just click on the picture:

Short & concise

Here are the most important facts at a glance in a short and concise summary:

  • Brand: Behr
  • Sizes: 39 to 48
  • Material: Nylon/PVC
  • Profile sole: non-slip
  • Price: medium price


All in all these waders are a little more expensive, but worth every Euro. We can recommend them especially because of the high fitting accuracy, the comfort and the great workmanship of the brand product. Everybody who values high quality should try these boots.

Ocean® Waders Budget, 500g PVC

In the last waders test we present you very good waders that have already proven themselves with many. The Ocean brand stands for high quality workwear anyway. Therefore we were all the more curious whether the boots really do what they promise. The DisplayOcean® Watstiefel Budget are very light at 500 g in size 42. That naturally has an enormous effect on wearing comfort. They are made almost entirely of PVC, making them highly waterproof.

What we really liked is the fact that they also have a belt loop. So you can easily attach them to any jeans or fishing trousers. In our opinion, this increases the wearing comfort even more.

With these wading boots you can walk into the water up to the upper part of your thighs without getting wet. The seams make a high-quality, solid and also waterproof impression on us in all areas of the boot. They are also certified according to EN 343. This means that the boots are especially protected against wetness and rain.


Below is a small illustration  For a larger view, just click on the picture:


Here are the most important facts for you:

  • Brand: Ocean
  • Sizes: 37 to 46
  • Sea boots
  • Weight: 500g
  • Material: PVC / cotton
  • Belt loop with plastic patent buckles
  • Boots with high upper and good solid sole
  • Certified according to EN 343
  • Price: medium price


All in all we are very satisfied with these waders even after four weeks of almost daily use. They do not allow water to penetrate them and are also very light. With 500 g no other model can hold their own so fast 😉

Also the material was processed in high quality and could convince us in the waders test. We can therefore recommend these wading boots to anyone who values high quality and does not want to get wet feet in the future. Oh well, the price/performance ratio is also very good. Here still our graphic evaluation of the comparison winner:

Final words to the waders test

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