Wlure Minnow 11,5 Cm


The Wlure brand has many quite realistic decors including this beautiful pergola-like decor. Very nice wobbler, which I usually have in my pike-perch and pike box. For the sea there is also a nice mullet version, but I haven’t been able to catch anything with it due to the lack of predators

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The wobbler is about 11.5 cm long with a rather steep diving scoop.  It comes in many different decors, from perch to trout and mullet. With its weight of about 14g it can be easily cast on a medium spinning rod and dives 1/2-1m deep. Of course depending on the position of the rod tip and guiding speed. The special thing about this rod is the beautiful and discreet very easy rolling action.

The test insert

The foliage decoration from the picture above was used. The test took place on the Rhine near Karlsruhe, a not exactly easy river. But other artificial lures were used and it was a long fishing day. Therefore I only want to present the results of this lure here. The first fish reaction came at 8 o’clock in the morning at a harbour entrance in the sweeping current in front of the stone packing of the gliding side. It was in the form of a follower that attacked the plugs at the last moment before I lifted the lure out of the water. Unfortunately the attack went wrong. So I cast again at the same spot and caught up again quite fast – in the end I slowed down and then snapped again! A bad attack in the shallow water in front of my feet. Unfortunately I couldn’t see exactly if it was pike-perch or pike but I think it was pike. After the second missed lure nothing moved and I switched back to other lures.

Later on an oxbow the lure brought another really big surge and on another one I found a baby pike. This one let me hope for a good perch at first. But still I was happy about the little one and sent him off to get his mum.

The bait was only used in the evening at dusk at an outlet of a quarry pond and old arm. I kept casting into the sweeping current and into the incoming current in the old arm and cranked in slow motion. After 20 minutes I threw the first bite. A small zander of a good 30 cm defended itself at the other end of the line and was neatly hooked on the middle belly triplet. A further hour later the second bite was taken near the edge of the current to the main current. This time a slightly better zander of 40 cm a few years ago would have been the saving grace, but the small one was allowed to swim again. My personal measurement is a bit higher anyway.

On the fishing day there was a big change in the weather – the lure has my confidence and will be the preferred lure for the next zander wobble. Apparently the small ones were really hungry today.


The lure seems to encourage zander and also pike to bite and has a very good action rather inconspicuous. Big fish were unfortunately not catchable or only gave false bites, but there was no reaction to other lures on this day. The workmanship is top by the way and the decorations are very realistic.  “The plugs are available here on Aliexpress.”

The wobbler characteristics in the overview

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