Wlure HC549 Deep Diving Realistic Plugs


Natural and realistic plugs are often the right choice when the fishing waters are overfished or very clear. The small Wlure wobbler seems to me ideal for thoroughly searching the edges of a quarry pond or other deeper waters for trout or perch.

Deep Diving Crankbait HC549 8cm Wlure Test Report

When I opened the package with the smaller crankbait I was really surprised about the decor, because it really looked better than on the photo in the shop. The scale pattern is three-dimensional and looks convincing and the gill covers are also nicely highlighted. What I noticed negatively was the not 100% well processed diving scoop and also the paint was not perfect on the belly, maybe also as a result of the transport. Nevertheless the wobbler runs well and the fish will certainly not be bothered by such trivialities, but nevertheless points are deducted for this. I will use this wobbler mainly on big bass at deeper dredging lakes. A small tip for those who are not afraid of hangers can also use the plugs in shallower waters and let the diving shovel rise to the bottom again and again, taking short breaks in which the plugs can slowly rise. Unfortunately this plugs also have the usual China disease with fast rusting snap rings and sharp but also fast rusting hooks

The plugs can be ordered here at Aliexpress.

Test chart

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