Zander Rods Review: 5 Fishing Rods Under 100 Bucks


There are a variety of pike-perch rods on the market. In the Zander Rods Test we would like to present you a total of 5 Zander Rods which can be purchased for less than 100,00 Euro each.

The respective pictures refer directly to amazon or to another shop like fishing place. There you can order without any problems, if you like the respective pikeperch rod.

Note: From time to time it may happen that selected rods are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous rods for zander fishing on this overview page.

How did we select the pike-perch rods for testing?

On the one hand we have used our own personal experience from years of zander fishing. On the other hand, we have also roughly oriented ourselves on the amazon sales rankings. So many others have already had good experience with the rods.

According to this we have chosen pike-perch rods that are not considered a complete mis-purchase by the majority of buyers anyway. This allowed us to select something in advance. Now of course you want to know which pike-perch rods we have chosen.

How did we proceed with the zander rod test for each rod?

We took a close look at the respective zander rod, unpacked it, held it in our hands and tested it on the lake. Afterwards we evaluated the rod in the zander rod test according to a list of criteria.

The individual product reports for the individual pike-perch rods are similarly structured. First you get an impression of the respective pike-perch rod, followed by a picture including a summary with a short overview of the most important features.

At the end you will get a summary with a detailed graphic about the most important criteria. This is followed by the next evaluation.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can also simply look at the fishing spot. There you will find a really large selection of display pike-perch rods. Just have a look and browse a little.

And now have fun with our zander rod test.

Balzer/Cormoran fishing set (Balzer X-Ray Spin 40)

We did not want to withhold the complete AnzeigeBalzer/Cormoran fishing set (with a rod for trout and zander) from you, as it is almost unbeatable in terms of price and performance.

This is a complete set, consisting of the zander rod Balzer X-Ray Spin 40, Balzer Spezi reel, line, rod holder with electronic bite indicator, rod case, float, trout spinner, swivel, line stopper, hook loosener, lead shot assortment, a pack of trout hooks as well as all-round hooks. A landing net is also included.

The rod itself makes a good solid impression at first sight. The Balzer X-Ray Spin 40 is a two-piece stick rod and looks very robust. Furthermore, it lies comfortably in the hand.

During testing we could not detect the promotion of bubbles on the hands (as it happens with other zander rods). With a total length of 2,70m it fits in 2 parts into every car without any problems and can be stowed away very well.

Picture: Display


  • Length: 2,70m
  • Type: Plug-in rod
  • Accessories: Yes, very much:
  • Balzer Spezi reel line
  • Rods holder with electronic bite indicator
  • Rod case
  • Float
  • Trout spinner
  • Swivel
  • Line stopper
  • Hook release
  • Lead shot assortment
  • Pack of trout hooks
  • All-round hook


The Balzer/Cormoran complete fishing set (with rod for trout and pike-perch) is a nice variation to start fishing for pike-perch and buy your first pike-perch rod.

The included and extensive accessories, such as the 1.50m landing net is really a bargain. So if you haven’t bought one yet, you should think about it now. Especially for beginners it is a carefree package.

DAM Tele Fishing Set Predator Rod + Reel Quick Impressa

The AnzeigeDAM Tele Fishing Set Predator Rod + Reel Quick Impressa is especially designed for zander fishing. And when I unpack it I have to say: WOW. You can feel the processing of the material immediately.

The cork handle, the UV-resistant paint and the surface-sealed black aluminium oxide make this pike-perch rod a real eye-catcher.  Optically it keeps its promises in any case.

But what does the use of the pike-perch rod look like in practice? With a total length of 2.70m it is as big as the rod tested before. But in comparison very small in terms of transport characteristics.

We were able to put it into the backpack without any problems. Ok, it looks out a little bit but that is ok. When we ejected it, we really noticed how smooth the ball bearing is. The DAM Quick Impressa 130FD ball bearing is really very precise. The DAM Tele Fishing Set (predator rod + reel Quick Impressa) is also very precise.

This means that the tip ring is designed so that the line and the whole zander assembly is not damaged during casting.



  • Transport length only 59cm
  • Total length 2,70m
  • DAM Quick Impressa 130FD Ball bearing
  • Cord holder 240m/ 0, 20mm
  • Suitable for zander fishing
  • TC24-Carbon
  • Graphite reel seat with stainless steel inserts
  • High-quality cork handle
  • UV-resistant varnish against fading
  • Surface sealed black aluminium-oxis
  • Rings (also for braided lines)
  • Beaded tip ring for maximum line protection
  • Throwing weight: 30-80g


With this zander rod you get really high quality at a reasonable price. You have almost no accessories with you, but with this pikeperch rod we concentrate on the essentials.

And that is where quality comes into its own. For the money really unbeatable.  One more thing: The indicator rod can also be ordered separately at the fishing spot.

Fishing set – pike-perch/perch

With this rod you can start immediately. With it you have everything you need for pike-perch fishing and to start immediately. But the price is a bit high.

The rod is with 2,70 m a normal zander rod. With a casting weight of 75g you should also be able to cast heavy weights. In addition, the rod is 2-piece, which makes it very comfortable to carry.

Furthermore you need a Stancia-RD reel. This reel has only one monofilament line and a leader. So ideal to start directly.



  • rod
  • length 2,70 m
  • 2 parts
  • reel which is needed;Satanica RD: Size 40
  • Line (0,3mm monofilament)
  • Leader
  • Spinner + blinker as accessories

Conclusion of the zander rod test

The Zebco Adult Spinning Rod Test is a great way to test your zander rod, because you can start almost immediately. Also the price is relatively cheap. But the necessary accessories for zander fishing are included. The workmanship is also ok.

All in all a quite expensive zander rod but of high quality. The rod can also be ordered separately at the display fishing spot.

Quantum Magic Zander

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. The following pike-perch rods are available as an alternative.

The Quantum Magic Zander display rod is available in different versions. On the one hand as 2.40 m, 2.70 m and 3.00 m zander rod. With a casting weight of 20 to 50 g, it is very flexible. The transport lengths are completely different depending on the type of zander rod.

The transport length is either 1.22 m; 1.35 m or 1.49 m. This depends on the total length of the zander rod. Nevertheless all sizes are very comfortable to handle. This rod is suitable for beginners as well as advanced players.

However, professionals should keep their hands off it.

Picture: Display


Available as 2.40 m, 2.70 m and 3.00 m zander rod Transport length: 1.22 m; 1.35 m or 1.49 m Casting weight: 20g to 50g


All in all a rock solid zander rod at a good price/performance ratio. Especially for beginners the price is very attractive. The material and workmanship are very good at this price/performance ratio.

If you can’t decide between the different lengths of the zander rod, you should choose the 2.70m version. The 2.70m length is usually common for most zander rods.

Diab.7 Heavy Zander

Note: This article may not be available at the moment. The following Zander rods are an alternative.

The indicatorDiab.7 Heavy Zander is a three-part rod for pike-perch fishing. It has a proud length of 3.65 m and is therefore the longest zander rod of all rods tested in the zander rod test. The casting weight is 16 to 60 g. This makes it the most flexible zander rod in terms of casting weight.

The transport length is also very small at 1.28 m. Stowage problems are certainly not a problem with this zander rod. It is so small and compact that it can easily fit on the passenger seat.

The cork handle is also beautifully finished and makes for comfortable handling. The price is ok in my opinion. It is currently sold under 100 Euro.



  • Transport length: 1.28 m
  • Total length: 3.65 m
  • Throwing weight: 16 to 60 g
  • 7th generation


The Diab.7 Heavy Zander is a solid three-piece rod for zander fishing. It is very flexible in terms of casting weight and length and impresses with its slim appearance in a pleasant navy blue.

The zander rod is from the 7th generation and is constantly being developed. Should you decide to use this variant, you will certainly not make any mistakes regarding workmanship and material.

Not found what you are looking for?

You didn’t find what you were looking for in the pike-perch test? There is a really large selection of display pike-perch rods at the fishing spot. Just have a look and browse a little.

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