Zander Spinning Rods For Rubber Fishing


Without question, the zander is one of the most popular angling fish. In the past the fish was considered almost impossible to catch with artificial lures, but the rubber wave has changed that and rubber lures are among the best zander lures. Many special rods have been developed for this form of spinning fishing, because the requirements for a soft bait rod are different from those for a rod for spoon fishing. On my website you can already find a lot of information about zander and rubber lures. However, I have summarised the most important information here and will show you what is important for a good zander rod. Afterwards I will give you some recommendations of great zander rods that I can recommend without hesitation.

Table of ContentsTechnologyZander fishing spotsThe choice of the right rubber fish Zander rodCriteria of a Zander rubber rodAdditional featuresChoosing the right rod for the waterTop rubber fishing rods for zanderThe cheapSingers FTA Black SpinThe price performance tip: DAM Effzett Yagi SpinMedium price segmentCormoran Softlure STXDaiwa Infinity QQuantum ZanderkantUpscale price segmentTailwalk del Sol S802H SPIIQuantum Smoke SpinShimano Yasei Aspius H

The technique

The classic two fishing techniques are jigging and lounging. I have already described the lazy one here. The most important thing is always to keep contact with the bait so as not to miss anything and to fish the bait close to the bottom. Zander fishing is also concentration work and so at least the beginning is not easy. Once you have learned the technique after a few hours of fishing it becomes easier and after a few days you can do it in your sleep. It is really important that zander are at the bottom during the day and can only be fished there. Open-water zander in some reservoirs and in some rivers with very murky water are not taken into account.

Tip: Just letting the lure drag over the bottom can be a bit of a hang-up, but it’s also a guide variant that resembles crabs and catches zander!

Fishing spots for zander

A good fishing spot is of course as important when fishing for zander as it is for any other fishing. There are many

promising spots for zander. Along the river there are ridges, groyne fields. At lakes it gets a bit more difficult. Basically, zander like stony or gravelly ground and any change in the structure of the water can be a good fishing spot. Especially any deep gullies and holes are interesting. If you pay attention to and count the sink time of the rubber fish, you’ll be able to catch it with a little practice.

  • You can find a list of the best zander fishing spots here >>

Choosing the right rubber fish Zander rod

Rods for jigging and lazing around for zander are usually quite fast. This means: after loading the rod returns to its starting position very quickly. I have written general information about the characteristics of fishing rods in this article. Especially for spin fishing for zander, the weighting of rod properties is different than, for example, a rod for natural lure fishing. So here is a simple and short summary of the most important properties.

Criteria of a zander rubber fishing rod

These are the most important characteristics of a zander rod and should be considered when buying.

  • A fast blank is important for good bite recognition and correct rubber fish guiding
  • 2,6-3 m long, to be able to cast comfortably and far and to lead the lure over the stone packing at rivers and not to get a hanger every time
  • A suitable casting weight for your waters
  • As light as possible so that you don’t have to drag too much
  • Good workmanship

The most important criterion for a pikeperch rod is probably the first one mentioned. The tip action combined with a quick blank. This is the only way to get the necessary feedback to notice the pike-perch bites and to get fast strokes reliably through.

Additional features

Things that are not absolutely necessary for rubber fishing but which for me enhance a rod:

  • A hook eye on the blank: Makes life easier and more pleasant when you run from spot to spot
  • A grip with your finger or thumb on the blank so you can feel every fine bite

All this is not necessarily necessary! I know people who go out with a cheap telerute and catch their zander with rubber. That doesn’t make it easy to get started. But if you just want to try this kind of fishing, I recommend you go out with what you have and see if you can handle it. That’s assuming you have the right casting weight and rod length. If you then know that you like this kind of spinning fishing, it might be worth buying a reasonable zander rod after all.

Choosing the right rod for the water

With zander spinning rods it is important where you want to fish, because that determines the weight of the lead head. Because the motto is as light as possible but as heavy as necessary and on zander you catch rubber fish only near the bottom in 99% of the cases!

So you need completely different rods at the big rivers like Rhine, Elbe, Weser than at the quarry pond! At the popular Zander Hot Spot Buhnenfeld the conditions are often different again and in the reduced currents lighter weights are the order of the day.

In order to give you an idea of the weight of the jighead in addition to the required lead weight, here are a few figures about the weight of some rubber fish. 10-12 cm Kopyto Shads weigh around 12-13g, while an 18 cm Slottershad already weighs 55g. A slightly larger 16 cm Kopyto River shad weighs 30g.    This brings us very quickly to a casting weight of over 60g together with a 30g jig head, which is not something you can expect from every rod in the long run. Therefore rods for the current should be a little bit stronger.

The situation is different at the lake or in harbours, because there often long jig heads around 7g and a casting weight around 40g is sufficient.

Top rubber fishing rods for zander

Some current recommendations for zander rods for every budget.

The cheap

Sänger FTA Black Spin

The FTA Black Spin from Sänger stands out as a really cheap spinning rod. It is not quite as hard and jagged as most other rods here and can therefore still be used as a nice all-round rod for fishing next to zander. The rod is available in many different versions.

The rod of interest for river fishing is the 2.7 m spinning rod with a casting weight of 20-60 g. The price is usually less than 50 €, which makes the rod my budget tip. The versions with 15-45g are suitable for lakes and areas with calm currents.

The Price Performance Tip: DAM Effzett Yagi Spin

I am particularly pleased that DAM has been able to inspire again recently. The yagi spin is quite fast and comes with a real fighting price for a very nice zander spinning rod. It is the successor of the Hayasaki rod series and knows to please with its beautiful design.  The rod series has a colour code, but for the pikeperch the colour orange with a Medium Heavy Action and a casting weight of 15-53g and the heavy version with Heavy Action casting weight 42-84g with the colour code red are the right rods. A real bargain for less money and the heavy version has enough power to fish in the main current.

Medium price segment

Cormoran Softlure STX

The Softlure rod from Cormoran has a slightly softer tip and is not the classic pike-perch board. But on the one hand it is easier to see the bites on the tip and on the other hand it is a good rod for plugs. The rod is also suitable for pike with its strong tip. Of course, when jigging for zander, the attack must be all the more energetic. The design with cork handle and black blank is rather classic.

Daiwa Infinity Q

Not recommended for the first time on this page and that’s because of the very fast and stiff action is perfect for rubber fish at the jighead. She is in this price segment

She is available in different versions and casting weights. The action is rather stiff, so that guiding rubber fish is possible. The presented variant is also very suitable for spin fishing for zander, but plugs are still fun. Shorter variants are good to fish from a boat. Equipment, workmanship make the often recommended rod a price/performance tip. Thanks to the hard action, the hook is no problem when pike fishing and the hard spine also allows you to drill capitals in the current.

Quantum pike-perch edge

Also known as zander wood or zander edge wood. Quantum’s rod is ultra hard and ultra fast and only bends under really high loads. This has the advantage that bites can be taken well even at a distance, and stops at 70 m and fishing at great depths are no problem. But when the fish bites at close range the twisting properties are somewhat lacking. Therefore the rod is rather a recommendation for the more experienced angler! The rod has a casting weight up to 90g and is 2.65m long. This is really something for fishing in the strong current.

High end price segment

Tailwalk del Sol S802H SPII

High end rod from the Japanese rod manufacturer. The extremely fast rod is as always perfectly manufactured and has a perfect casting weight range for almost all zander waters. Very good are the two included counterweights, which can be slid into the handle under the unscrewable end cap. Included are 15 and 30 grams. The rod has a rather short handle and is therefore also very well suited as a belly boat or boat rod.

Quantum Smoke Spin

And again the recommendation for the Quantum smoke spin, which got a detailed test Link to the test >>. This rod is simply one of the best Zander rubber fishing rods at the moment, if you don’t want to spend much more. It is not a pure board like the Zanderkant, but still fast enough.    Of course the two heavy versions with 17-75g WG and 5-55g WG are interesting for the zander angler. The light version is too soft for rubber fish. The enclosed counterweights allow you to adjust the rod to different reel weights so that it does not become top-heavy.

Shimano Yasei Aspius H

This rod has also been tested and has done well, except for the thin cork handle. Very positive is the otherwise good workmanship, the attractive price for such a rod and the great finish. In addition the rod is pleasantly light and at least I like its appearance.

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