Perch Leader: The Right Leader For Perch Fishing


Perch leader – The right leader for perch fishing

Perch are usually very shy fish. It is therefore recommended to fish as finely as possible. This also applies to choosing the right leader.

The right leader for the perch angler

As too coarse material only leads to poor fishing results when fishing for perch, fishing with a fluorocarbon leader or possibly without a leader is in principle the most sensible option.

Perch leader: Fluorocarbon as first choice

Perch react extremely shyly to visible components. For this reason a relatively invisible Fluorocarbon leader is the best choice. Besides the advantage of not being directly noticed by the perch, it also offers a buffer in the fight.

Fluorocarbon can also score points due to its abrasion resistance. Perch anglers often fish in obstacle-rich areas that are interspersed with stones and branches. Here you are on the safe side with a Fluorocarbon leader.

The clearer the waters being fished, the longer the leader should be. At least one meter length is standard for a perch leader.

Stay away from steel

If at all possible, a steel leader should not be used for perch fishing. The steel wire is clearly visible to the predator and should only be used when a lot of pike are expected. In any case, it should be noted that in the middle of a perch shoal pike rarely hunt for the mini lures.

Do not use a leader when fishing for perch

If you want to fish for perch without a leader you must choose a line with a small diameter that is as filigree as possible. With braided line there is unfortunately always the danger of abrasion on stones and mussel beds.

The connection of the leader with the main line

It is best to knot the leader directly to the thin main line using grinner knots. Swivels with karabiners are definitely a no-go when fishing for perch. If you are not a friend of direct knotting, you can at best use a no-knot connector or the simplest possible hook-in.

Conclusion: When perch fishing the main focus must be on the inconspicuousness of the mounting. Any component that falls out of the frame here will inevitably lead to a lack of catch.

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